Woohoo! Full stacking in Asian poker apps is now available to all players. 

As you probably may know, Asian Poker Apps like PokerMaster have brought insane profits to online poker players over the last year. We are not exaggerating when we say "insane". The Chinese Poker boom has built a bankroll for many of our friends and players.

During this year, WorldPokerDeals has provided safe access to more than 200 regular players, offering a full guarantee of bankroll, fast service and very low commissions (3-6%) for withdrawing funds from Chinese Yuans to e-wallets.

Unfortunately, we were forced to refuse many players who wanted to play in Asian Poker Applications. But why?

  1. Our operational costs were high
  2. In order to cover the risks and provide the guarantee of bankrolls (which we have paid more than once with our money), we were only interested in players from NL400 and above.
  3. We had no program for stacking players in low levels like NL50-NL200.

At some point, that was a necessary change to our business model.

And now, starting today, we are pleased to offer you a 100% stacking program for players from NL10 in Chinese rooms.

But, let's first understand who may benefit from this proposal. We have grouped the type of players that we think are suitable for this:

  1. Regular NLH and PLO players from midstakes, which for several reasons are skeptical about Asian Poker Apps, or are not ready to pull out the bankroll from their main rooms. 
  2. Low limit players who are tired of paying rake in tight tables, and want to get a taste of the Chinese action without risking their own money.
  3. Offline players not familiar with online gaming.

Who won't suit us?

  1. Amateur and irregular players who are not ready to invest more of their time in poker and are just playing for fun.
  2. Players with active debt obligations.
  3. Players without a significant progress in 30k hands+.

What can we offer?

  1. Sweet action from NL60$ to NL10000$
  2. Full 100% staking 
  3. Convenient reports, timely payments
  4. Coaches that will help to quickly understand the features of the game in Asia
  5. A progressive deal of your share from 30% up to 40% of the winnings
  6. Specialized software to work with stats and game selection
  7. Access to private clubs with expensive and weak games in the long run.

How to apply for participation in our fund?

  • Fill in the players form with the most accurate information (guys, if you play poker irregularly, you probably will not fit)

  • Read and agree on the rules of participation in the fund.
  • Our manager will contact you within 1-3 days to know you and answer your questions
  • If your questionnaire turns out to be incomplete, we will answer you by email with a request to complete the information.
  • If we are unable to accept your application based on the survey results, you will also receive a notification via email.

Additional Information

Guys, we want to do well both for us and you, so we have described in detail with whom we are ready to work with. If you objectively understand that you do not fit into the application criteria, please understand it.

All applications are considered carefully and individually.

How much better is the game in the Asian Poker Apps compared to Euro-room? Several times better.

Let's work!

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Fill in the player's form 

Read the rules of participation in the fund.

Email support: fund@worldpokerdeals.com