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$15,000 rake race at Crypto Poker Club and other promotions in May

After the sharp drop of the Bitcoin price last year, the rate has grown more than 30% over the past two months, which means that the crypto poker industry may experience a new boost. Crypto Poker Club is rising as the market leader hosting several promotions this month with increased prizes.

$15,000 rake race at Crypto Poker Club and other promotions in May

$15,000 rake race at Crypto Poker Club

Crypto Poker Club is still offering the promotions we commented a few months ago in our blog:

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $1,000: gives 50% rakeback and is given for the first two deposits, it has no wagering time, and the players only need to contact support by e-mail to get the bonus;
  • Crypto Poker Club loyalty program: from 5% rakeback ($7 in rake/month) up to 50% rakeback ($3,000 in rake/month);
  • Weekend Frenzy: a $200 bonus awarded every day from Friday to Sunday to the three players who have scored more points at the room.

For this spring, Crypto Poker Club increased the guaranteed prize pool of its rake race, which is now $15,000, divided into two leaderboards, for BTC and ETH tables, which compared to previous periods equals an increment of $4k and $5k.

The prize area was also expanded, now eight players will receive an award instead of four:

Position Prize
1 $3,000
2 $1,750
3 $1,000
4 $700
5 $500
6 $350
7 $150
8 $50

The rake race promotion will run all May, and to get into prizes the players must rake from $2,500/month (both in BTC and ETH leaderboards) to get a 2% extra rakeback, up to $4,300 and $4,500 to win the race and boost the rakeback to 70%.

All the Crypto Poker Club promotions work together, meaning that high-volume players may get up to 100% rakeback in total.

Crypto Poker Club traffic

For this traffic overview, we consider that 1mBTC = $7,1 and 1mETH = $0,2:

Stakes [BTC/USD] Tables
0,01 mBTC/0,02 mBTC (NL14) 2
0,1 mBTC /0,2 mBTC (NL140) 4
0,2 mBTC/0,4 mBTC (NL320) 2
0,4 mBTC/0,8 mBTC (NL640) 3
0,5 mBTC/1 mBTC (NL700) 1
1 mBTC/2 mBTC (NL1,4K) 1
Stakes [ETH/USD] Tables
1 mETH/2 mETH (NL40) 1
2 mETH/4 mETH (NL80) 4
4 mETH/8 mETH (NL160) 2
5 mETH/10 mETH (NL200) 1
10 mETH/20 mETH (NL400) 2
20 mETH/40 mETH (NL800) 2

The peak of traffic occurs during the American nights or Europe's early morning.

Some MTT tournaments are also played with buy-ins up to $300, and GTD prizes up to $9,000.


Crypto Poker Club keeps leading the market of the crypto poker rooms, despite being a relatively new room. It has managed to attract wealthy American players at mid and high-stakes who are looking to play online poker with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Contact our manager Anton to get a private deal at Crypto Poker Club.


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Vargoso 13.05.19
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