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$20,000 High Hand Leaderboards in March 2021 on Chico Poker Network

In addition to its regular promotions, Chico Poker Network will launch two new events in March 2021 — $20,000 High Hand Leaderboards and $10,000 Poker Freeroll Madness.

$20,000 High Hand Leaderboards in March 2021 on Chico Poker Network

New leaderboards every two hours

Leaderboards rewarding players for their hands collected at the tables were launched on Chico Poker Network last year. But now they are back more dynamically.

Throughout March 2021, $200 will be drawn every two hours (Monday-Friday) at TigerGaming, BetOnline, and SportsBetting for players in Hold'em cash tables.

The prize will be divided among the top three players as follows:

  1. $125
  2. $50
  3. $25

That is, only low-stakes players will see a real benefit from the promotion. Moreover, the scoring system is not tied to any other factor besides the hands, so the key success criteria will be grinding hard for two hours and luck.

The latter will significantly play a role in the accrual points. They are given for the collected combinations (there must be at least three players at the table, winning the hand and showdown are not required):

Combination Points
Three of a kind 3
Straight 4
Flush 5
Full House 8
Four of a kind 16
Straight Flush 32
Royal Flush 50

To participate in the leaderboard, you must register: "My Missions - $200 High Hand Leadeboard - Opt-in."

$10,000 in tickets for the $150k Main Event

Poker Freeroll Madness

Also, throughout March, simple everyday missions will be available to players of Chico rooms. Completing them will give you access to a special March Madness Freeroll. Freerolls will start an hour after the end of the daily qualifying period.

Poker Freeroll Madness Missions:

  1. Play 25k raked hands
  2. Play 10 SnG tournaments
  3. Play 3 MTTs
  4. Play 10 Windfall (Spins)

To get a ticket to the freeroll, just complete one of the tasks.

Each Poker Freeroll Madness tournament will reward 50 tickets to the final $10,000 All-in Shootout event (held on March 28). The TOP 100 players will get tickets for the $109 Sunday Main Event with $150,000 guaranteed.

As a reminder, in addition to these promotions, the network hosts regular $40,000 Cash Game Leaderboards and $20,000 SnG Leaderboards.

Our Chico Poker Network players receive:

  • VIP rakeback deal (including US citizens!);
  • Professional customer service seven days a week.

Contact us to get a private deal and start playing now:

Telegram: @Timofey_wpd

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