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5 myths you should know about PokerMaster

The online poker scene has changed significantly during this year. New regulations like the shared liquidity in Europe or the anti-reg policies of poker rooms like PokerStars or Tigergaming have completely changed the poker environment. But PokerMaster and the Asian boom is the biggest innovation; never a decentralized system has gained so much popularity like the new Asian poker apps.

5 myths you should know about PokerMaster

And as with any newcomer to a market, lots of information both true and false is posted every day online. In this article, we will tell you 5 myths about PokerMaster and the reality behind them:

Myth #1: You will become a millionaire by playing in PokerMaster

Some people are saying that it is easy to win at PokerMaster, but as we all know, no one can guarantee you will win at a poker table. One thing is true, the traffic is softer than any other room, but even a fish can get lucky. We consider playing in PokerMaster as a +EV decision, but we recommend that you always make the right calls at the tables and consider the risks.

Myth #2: It's very expensive to play in PokerMaster

The Asian poker apps not only created a new way to play online poker but also introduced a new rake structure; only winning players will pay a % as rake, and that rake is a flat rate of the profits. There are also fees for withdrawals (this is related to the transactions cost that involves dealing with Chinese money and the clubs), a coin (coin doesn't mean USD) fee to sit at the table, so it looks like it's very expensive, but the reality is different. We have made our calculations and depending of course on your win rate and stakes, it could even be cheaper playing in PokerMaster than a regular poker network. You can get more information about this topic here.

Myth #3: I will be cheated if I play in PokerMaster

Depending on where you are standing from this could be myth or reality. As we have already said before, it's all about the agent you choose to get into the Asian poker apps. Choosing an unknown agent it's like walking alone in a dark street far away from home. Do your own research, there are scammers out there. We recommend you:

  • Asking for vouches: Is there any friend of yours, or popular players playing through your affiliate?
  • Reading on forums: Is there any non-solved complaint about the affiliate?
  • Validating credentials: Has the affiliate any credentials or seals of approval? Verify that the information is true

Myth #4: It is very difficult to set up a PC for Asian poker apps

The Asian poker apps are designed for mobile devices like phones or tablets; therefore, only Android and iOS versions are available (although recently some new mobile rooms launched desktop PC versions, ask our team for more information), so you will need either several phones or tablets or installing and configuring an Android emulator in your PC for playing in multiple tables. We are not going to lie; this is not convenient but is far from being difficult in any sense. Read our manual about how to download and install the LDPlayer emulator is all you need, and if you have any additional doubt our team will assist you via Skype or TeamViewer.

Myth #5: PokerMaster is the only Asian app that is worth playing

PokerMaster was the first Asian app in the market, and today is the most popular one, but it doesn't mean that is the only mobile poker room of the market. We have created a guide for choosing an Asian app to play, including recommendations for new players and experienced grinders. It is very important to become familiar with the agent model, apps, and software, etc so you can increase your EV playing with Chinese fishes. You can read all the information about Asian poker apps in this link.

Choose carefully and happy grinding at the Asian poker apps!

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Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Vargoso 07.09.18
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