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6+ Hold'em is coming to GG Poker Network

Author: Vargoso Published: 20.10.19

GG Poker Network updated its public roadmap with more information about the launch of 6+ Hold'em; in addition to the change on the launch date from October 28 to November 4, the network posted details about the promotions and the rules of this upcoming format.

6+ Hold'em is coming to GG Poker Network

GG Poker Network public roadmap

We posted about the GG Poker Network public roadmap in September 2019. This project of having a transparent communication between the network and the industry included crucial developments such as restrictions on multi-tabling, the launch of 6+ Hold'em, downloadable hand history, among others. This week, Good Game updated the boards with more information on 6+ Hold'em and modified the dates of significant changes.

GG Poker Network: the most unusual 6+ Hold'em format

This week GG Poker shared more details about the launch of 6+ Hold'em on the network:

  • Currency: CNY;
  • Blinds: Button Ante (similar to Rush&Cash before updating);
  • Table format: 5-max;
  • Rake: 3% of pot;
  • Promotions: Flush Jackpot;
  • All-in Insurance and Run It Twice: Available;
  • Straddle and No-Look All-in: Available;
  • Remove Chips: 100BB;
  • Fish Buffet: 100 points for $1 rake;

Game rules:

  • Flush beat full house;
  • The lowest straight is A6789;

What is so unusual about 6+ Hold'em on GG Poker Network?

  • The tables will be played in CNY (Chinese Renminbi), confirming that the network is focusing on this format on the Asian market;
  • The number of players (5-max) is uncommon in online poker;
  • The rake structure is much lower compared to other networks and even other formats on the same network;
  • The button/ante betting system that was recently removed from Rush&Cash (fast poker).

In short, we can predict that the 6+ Hold'em action will be even looser compared to other networks due to having fewer players at the tables and larger preflop pots.

Short Desk Giveaway ¥ 1,000,000 (about $ 140,000)


Although the details of this promotion are unknown, we can deduce that it will be similar to other "Giveaway" promotions held before on the network, which have included giving prizes (freeroll tickets, bonuses, etc.) to the players for completing different tasks.

Flush Jackpot

Flush Jackpot is likely to be a permanent promotion, similar to jackpots at cash games tables. Based on its name, it can be assumed that players will receive rewards for getting flushes at the tables (compared to traditional Texas Hold'em format, due to having fewer cards, it's more complex to get a flush in 6+ Hold'em).

If so, regs can take advantage of the fans who will pay down their flush draw to receive a reward, increasing the average pot size.

It's clear that the launch of 6+ Hold'em on GG Poker Network will give this format another boost and will positively affect the overall traffic of cash games at the GG skins.

More GG Poker Network news

In addition to the launch of 6+ Hold'em, GG Poker Network is preparing significant changes on November 4:

  • Cash game multi-tabling limitations: All games except MTT will be limited to 4 tables per game format.
  • Downloadable hand history: there are no many public details about this function, and it's unknown if the downloaded hand histories will be compatible with tracking software.

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