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$60,000 New Year Leaderboards on Chico Poker Network

Author: Vargoso Published: 29.12.21

The US-friendly Chico network decided to give away over $60,000 across four Happy New Year Leaderboards for the most popular poker variants. Read on to find out all the features and details of this festive promotion.

$60,000 New Year Leaderboards on Chico Poker Network

Cash game races

Chico Poker Network kicks off 2022 with a new experimental month-long promotion. This time, it won't be a classic rake race. There will be 2 separate daily leaderboards for cash game players from January 1 to January 31:

  1. $1,000 Daily Cash Games Leaderboard for Hold 'em (50 places paid).
  2. $500 Daily Cash Games Leaderboard for Omaha (25 places paid).

* The leaderboards will appear in the "My Missions" section of the poker client before starting the promotion.

Scoring is based on hand strength:

Combination Points
KK 1
AA 2
Two pairs 3
Three of a kind 4
Straight 5
Flush 6
Full House 7
Four of a kind 15
Straight flush 30
Royal flush 60

The following conditions have to be met to earn points:

  • Both hole cards must be used to form a combination for Hold 'em.
  • The hand must go to showdown.
  • Minimum of 3 players at the table.

Tournament leaderboards

Also, there are two races for tournament players:

  1. $500 Daily Sit & Go Leaderboard (50 places paid).
  2. $5,000 COPS Warm-Up Leaderboard (50 places paid).

Windfall (Spin & Go variant) players will also be able to participate in the SnG leaderboard, but the HU Sit & Go's are excluded. Players will earn 10 points for any of the following achievements:

  • 1st place in Windfall.
  • Reaching prizes in Double or Nothing Sit & Go.
  • Top-3 finish in any regular Sit & Go.

The $5,000 COPS Warm-Up Leaderboard for MTT players will run only until January 23. The rules are simple: every $1 in regular tournament fees equals 1 leaderboard point. The top 50 finishers will share $5,000 in Tournament Money, which can be redeemed during the upcoming $1.5 Million Championship Series (January 23 - February 6).


Based on the terms of Happy New Year Leaderboards, it's easy to realize that:

The Chico network tries to attract as many players as possible because the scoring system is in no way based on the stakes. Moreover, daily prize money payouts should help maintain a high cash games traffic during January.

It seems like the fast-fold poker, which currently offers some action only at NL10$ stakes, would be the quickest way to earn points. In this case, it is very likely to get a good boost in terms of traffic during January.

Obviously, the SnG leaderboard should positively affect the Double or Nothing tourneys traffic because they are easy to grind and provide the most simple way to reach prizes (50% of the participants finish ITM). Currently, you can find 6- and 8-max DoN action on Chico Poker Network at stakes ranging from $1.83 to $15.

Even the players who do not want to participate in these races should benefit from them in the form of increased traffic and the opponents who want to "buy" a high hand to earn more points.

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