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888Poker introduces its new software platform: Poker 8

Author: Vargoso Published: 09.04.19

888Poker top priority in 2019 is to update its software platform. Over the past three months, the initial version has been available to few players, and now we can confirm that the "introductory stage" is over. In this article, we share all the novelties that Poker 8 unveils and we compare it with other platforms.

888Poker introduces its new software platform: Poker 8

Poker 8 — redesigning tables and gaming experience

In January, 888Poker released its new software, making it available for a small group of players. That stage was focused mainly on the software's transition to a new engine and a complete poker tables redesign. Almost all players, including regs, consider the changes as positives because the gaming experience was enhanced and we found no evidence of players wanting to downgrade the poker client.

Three months later, it seems that Poker 8 is now available to all poker players and our first impression is that the redesign of the platform may boost the 888Poker results, which are not the best this year.

What are the main changes introduced by Poker 8? During this test, we observed that several errors were fixed by the 888 software development team:

  • The bet sizing can be customized;

  • The time bank is visible;
  • The fonts were improved for better readability;

Poker 8 still has some minor glitches, but hopefully, those will be solved in the next updates:

  • The notes, including color coding, block a part of the table;

  • Some table themes don't match with the 4-color deck, particularly with the diamonds design.

In general, the table design is more minimalistic, functional, and friendly. Speaking of the novelties, we highlight the option to access quickly to the hand-replayer just by hovering the cursor over the rounded arrow symbol in the upper-right corner of the table:

New card deck designs (both front and back) and table themes are available in the new client.


The redesign of the new 888Poker software platform has been made in cooperation with the players. The new client is definitively modern compared to the older client and other new platforms like MPN's prima. Something to highlight is the fact that tracking software and add-ons like 888 Caption are still compatible with the Poker 8.

In the next months, Poker 8 will face additional improvements, and the impact on the poker room traffic will be witnessed. The new software improves the amateurs experience, and hopefully, it won't go in detriment of regs.

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