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Asian online poker spreads: Meet PokerKing Asia

The Asian online poker market keeps growing every day. Let's take a look at the main characteristics of the new poker room added to WorldPokerDeals:

Asian online poker spreads: Meet PokerKing Asia

From the past year, following PokerMaster, more than 8 Asian poker applications (we call this way the poker rooms based on mobile devices using a special agent system to connect real money games with Asian poker players) has been launched into the market. All of them are being offered in WorldPokerDeals.

Today, we are adding PokerKing Asia to our portfolio, and this Asian app has some very special considerations:

Progressive rake system

Usually, the Asian poker apps have a flat rake scheme: 5% is taken after every session to the winning players in every stake, and losing players pay no rake. We made our calculations and found out that in bb/100, this rake structure is better for the players. PokerKing Asia has the same rake system, with a difference: the rake decreases while the stake increase. At the higher stakes, you will pay in fact less rake.

Crazy action at Short Deck (Six Plus) Hold'em


When we say crazy, we mean it. Short Deck is usually offered at the high stakes rooms in Macao, and PokerKing Asia is not the exception. It's a variant of the popular Texas Hold'em removing the cards from 2 to 5 and some different rules (for example, a flush beats a full house). Some very popular players like Tom Dwan or Phil Ivey are famous for playing Short Deck. At the PokerKing Asia tables, we have seen all-in preflop with 89 vs. AT or AQ with 15kUSD pot. 

All players starting from NL60 are welcome

Usually, the Asian poker rooms were reserved for high stakes (NL600>) poker players, with high deposit requirements. At PokerKing Asia, we can take players from low to high stakes (action starts at NL60 up to NL3000 or Short Deck $300) with lower requirements, so this room can actually be a good start point to the Asian market.

Macao's experience

PokerKing Asia has the support of a real poker room in Macao, the top gambling destination of the world right now. This is both good and bad. It has the backing of the site of course, and the players are Chinese for sure, but this means that the agent system is working with a centralized cashier. This is like "centralizing the decentralized" cashier system and involves some risks that you must consider; our recommendation is to keep in the poker room only the necessary money to play.

If you want to take a look at the waters for yourself or start playing at PokerKing Asia, please contact our team in Skype or Telegram to get an account.


Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Vargoso 12.08.18
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