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Best cryptocurrency poker rooms to play in 2019

2019 may not be the best year for cryptocurrencies and the poker rooms that work exclusively with those: although the prices are stable now, all coins had a sharp drop the past year and lots of ICO-related scams scared many users. But cryptocurrency poker rooms are still working and remain as profitable sites to play and BTC is still a great way to deal with laws and regulations in certain countries.

Best cryptocurrency poker rooms to play in 2019

Cryptopoker overview in 2019

According to PokerScout, cryptocurrency poker rooms don't even exist and combining the 3 sites listed (Betcoin Poker, Blockchain Poker, and SwC Poker) not even a full table can be arranged. But we can confirm at least three active rooms in addition to the PokerScout ones — NitrogenSports, and CoinPoker. In terms of traffic, the crypto poker rooms can be arranged like this:

  • SwC Poker;
  • NitrogenSports;
  • Coin Poker;
  • Betcoin Poker.

Those rooms have several benefits for grinders:

  • Due to low popularity, the sites offer amazing bonuses which are unlikely to see at regular poker rooms;
  • Using tools like Exmo, the players can minimize the fees paid in the FIAT >> crypto and vice-versa transactions.
  • Almost all players are from the USA, therefore wealthy amateurs can be expected at the tables.

SwC Poker


After being relaunched the last year (Bitcoin Poker 3.0), SwC Poker has successfully attracted new players. Currently, over 170 connections can be seen during peak time.

The main difference between SwC Poker and all similar poker rooms is the wide offer of poker formats which is not limited to Hold'em but also PLO and other exotic games.

The most popular games are 6-max and 9-max NLH, which also have a bad beat jackpot promotion (the current size is 460,000 chips = 0,46BTC). In the lobby 1 chip equals $0,0039:

  • 25/50 (NL20) — 4-5;
  • 50/100 (NL40) — 2-3;
  • 500/1,000 (NL400) — 1-2.

In addition to those tables, SwC also has tables like this:

  • HU NLH 200/400-500 / 1,000 —-3 tables;
  • 5 Card PLO H/L from 5/10 to 50/100 — 2-3 tables;
  • HORSE, 2-7 Triple Draw, 8 and 11 - Game, FLH, one table at a random stake.

SwC charges a very low rake, 2-2,5%, and rakeback ranges from 5% to 50%.



NitrogenSports is known primarily as a crypto bookmaker, but the poker room has remained as a small reservation with less than 100 connections.

Only low stakes are played at NitrogenSports, which considering the current Bitcoin price equals to NL10—NL20: over 10 tables of 0,01/0,02 and 0,02/0,04 can be spotted. Highest stakes are also played but not on a daily basis (0,1/0,2 — NL100 and higher as the screenshot that shows a 100/200 game).

The VIP program of NitrogenSports gives from 10% up to 50% rakeback and additional value can be obtained by playing freerolls whose entrance is awarded by playing in the room:

  • Daily Rookie Challenge Freeroll 50 mBTC — points;
  • Daily Superstar Challenge Freeroll 75 mBTC — points;
  • Weekly All-Star Challenge Freeroll 200 mBTC — 7.5 points;
  • Weekly MVP Challenge Freeroll 300 mBTC — 62.5 points;
  • Weekly Hall of Famer Challenge Freeroll 500 mBTC — points;

All tournaments (1,875mBTC, over $7,000) can be played after making $180 rake in a week, and less than 100 players take part in the action.


Considering the difficult moment for cryptocurrencies, the poker rooms which are working with them keep attracting players (mainly from the USA) and a good number of tables are available. The cryptopoker rooms usually charge a low rake and bonuses can give up to 100% rakeback.

Cryptocurrency poker rooms are a great choice for poker players living in regulated countries and those who are looking for soft action with cryptos.

Worldpokerdeals offers top deals at the three largest crypto poker rooms; please contact our manager Anton in order to get more information.

Nitrogen Sports logo
Nitrogen Sports
Fast cashouts Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 50%
SwC Poker logo
SwC Poker
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 50%

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