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Best poker rooms for HU cash in 2018

Hey guys! Online poker is back after the summer break, and we want to take this opportunity to update our offer with the best poker rooms for heads up cash in 2018.

Best poker rooms for HU cash in 2018

HU cash is one of the most preferred games for poker professionals, and in this article, we will present a complete package for them: 

Playing HU cash in low-stakes

PPPoker and PokerKing Asia are the best choices for playing heads up cash in low stakes starting at NL60. You can find soft games that will help you to increase your bankroll, and you will also get familiar with the Asian poker apps which are right now an EV+ choice. 

Our PPPoker deal include rakeback, money guarantee and special discount for HUD software, making this a great deal for players just starting with the Asian apps.

PokerKing Asia is a new site backed by a high stakes room in Macau, where although we cannot offer bankroll guarantee (contact our team to know more information about this), you will be pleased with the traffic, more than 40 tables are usually available at the low stakes with Chinese fishes in each one.

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Playing HU cash games in mid-stakes

Starting at NL200, Israeli and Italian poker rooms offer outstanding action for HU cash players. Goldpokerpro is the oldest one, the traffic is good (although for HU cash you must do some multi-lobby to fill your blank spaces), but we also have some other small rooms like Club-Poker with decent action too.

Italians are well-known for playing online poker for fun, so you may want to check our offer at the Italian poker rooms that include a full bankroll guarantee and great action in NL200-NL600.

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Playing HU cash games in high-stakes

If you are looking for action at NL600>, look no further: the Asian poker boom is just what you need. HU cash is present in almost every Asian poker app (if you are still not familiar with the Asian poker boom, please read our definitive guide here); moreover, the action is insane and is available in almost every stake. You will be pleased to see the crazy hands that are played every day.

PokerKing Asia also features a lot of action at high stakes, with a bonus track: you can also play Six Plus (Short Deck) at PokerKing Asia, which increases the action at the tables.

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FAQ about heads-up cash games 


The rake is very important for an HU cash game player. If you don't do your calculations and your bb/100 win rate is not adjusted, you could be losing more money in rake than the money earned at the tables. Our team will share with you good advice about the rake of the rooms and what could be your expectations. The graph shows our calculations comparing the rake in a regular poker network vs. the most popular Asian poker apps.


Bumhunting in HU is one of the most popular practices (sit down and wait for a fish player to come to the tables), some rooms are ok with it, but some are not (let's remember that some sites are working for "preserving the ecosystem" which is nothing different than anti-regs policies). You need to be clear to our team about bumhunting, and we will give you the right information.

Support software

Using HUD while playing HU cash games is very popular in 2018 (the penetration of tracking software like Hold'em Manager is very high). Some rooms allow the use of support software without any add-on, others require the use of a particular piece of software, and some sites have a zero tolerance policy about HUD's. Not using a HUD is not always bad, the traffic in those rooms can be fishy actually. Our team will give you all the necessary information for using support software in our rooms.

Are you already playing in the poker rooms we mentioned before? No worries, perhaps one of the 100 sites we have in our portfolio may satisfy your needs. Contact our team to know more information.

PPPoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 50%
Club Poker logo
Club Poker
Fast cashouts
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
GoldPokerPro logo
High stakes action
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
PokerKing Asia (扑克王) logo
PokerKing Asia (扑克王)
Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
PokerMaster logo
High stakes action Asian mobile platform
Deposit bonus n/a
iPoker.it / iPoker Italy logo
iPoker.it / iPoker Italy
iPoker Network
Fast cashouts
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 35%

Best regards,

Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Vargoso 16.08.18
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