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Best poker rooms for playing Omaha in 2018

Author: Vargoso Published: 07.10.18

As the No Limit Hold'em tables are being crowded with a growing number of strong regulars armed with modern software, and the poker community is talking increasingly about bots and all sort of poker tools, many poker players' eyes are staring at Omaha, which at the moment is the second most popular poker discipline and is gaining more popularity every day.

Best poker rooms for playing Omaha in 2018

But, Omaha is not perfect at all; the variance and the rake measured in bb/100 are higher and there is less training material available online. But this could be compensated by a good rakeback and soft fields, and this is Worldpokerdeals offer.

In this article, we present an overview of the Omaha games in the main poker rooms for October 2018, concluding what are the best online sites where you can play Omaha, getting the maximum value as Worldpokerdeals players. We have classified the rooms into three groups according to how exotic the room is and games' particularities.

Omaha in traditional poker rooms

Omaha traffic overview in traditional poker rooms

Poker room/Stake PLO10 PLO20(25) PLO50 PLO100 PLO200 PLO400-600 PLO1K
Party Poker 10(2) 13(1) 6 4 7(5) 6(1) 2
GG Network 11 10 10 8 4 5 1
PokerKing* 6 8 6 6 8 6  
TigerGaming 7(4) 4 3(2) 3(1) 4 2 1
Microgaming 6 8 8 2 2 4 1
iPoker 3 6 2 1 1 1 1

* PokerKing has some Omaha tables in NL and FL format

(indicates the number of Omaha Hi/Lo tables)

We also spotted 3 PLO2,5k tables at PartyPoker and one PLO4k table in GG.

From these numbers, we can conclude that the next four rooms/networks would be considered as a good main site to play Omaha:

  • Party Poker
  • GG Network
  • Poker King
  • Microgaming

Given the current situation of online poker (server malfunction, DDoS attacks, decreasing traffic), it's a good idea to have at least one alternative room; for this, we take the best alternative rooms compared to the regular ones which offer similar games:

  • PartyPoker and PokerKing are suitable for grinders focused on rakeback and sessions taking place in European prime time. Both rooms support trackers;
  • GG Network (Lotos Poker, BestPoker, GGPoker) and Microgaming (RedKings, RedStar) — are good for players who need a large selection of tables and don't need HUD to play (this is of course compensated by weaker players);
  • PokerKing and Tigergaming are great for bumhunt in Omaha when playing during American peak time (when the tables have more presence of USA players).

When playing PLO100+, having several rooms become a vital necessity. Even in the best rooms, the number of tables is not stable during the week and for a comfortably grind we consider at least 2 or 3 rooms are needed. It becomes truer as much as you play in higher stakes.

Private poker rooms from Israel and the United States

This group of rooms has limited access and small traffic focused on medium and high stakes of PLO. You can bumhunt and play in several rooms, or just choose one room as an addition to your setup. Most of the traffic comes from offline casinos and recreational players.

The number of tables can change dramatically within a short period of time, so the lobby needs to be constantly monitored. According to our observations, in the Israeli rooms, the peak time corresponds to early evening 17:00-19:00. In the American rooms Kingsclubpkr, there are more tables available at late night and early in the morning, so it's a perfect addition to Pokerking-Tigergaming.

  • GoldPokerPro — most of the traffic (5-7 tables) are played at 1/2-5/10 stakes (PLO50-PLO250), and another two tables could be seen up to PLO2k
  • Royal Diamond Poker offers the same limits but there is less action
  • Club Poker — up to 4-5 tables of PLO25-PLO250 and one 30/60-50/100 table, like PLO1,5k-PLO2,5k.

Kingsclubpkr offer includes additional games like Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel, 5-card with Run Twice among others. As in GoldPokerPro, there can be 8-max tables. The most common limits are NL100-NL500, 5-7 tables are common in those stakes.

In all three rooms, Worldpokerdeals provides its players with a full money guarantee and VIP rakeback deal.

Asian poker applications — the softest Omaha fields

We will take PPPoker for this exercise, as one of the most popular applications with HUD support, desktop client and rakeback deal from Worldpokerdeals. Moreover, PPPoker has not only Asian clubs but USA and Russian ones, and the funds could be quickly transferred among them without a fee.

Technical reasons require the use of an emulator to play in multiple tables (as one account = one table), so most of PPPoker players sit at the same time only in a couple of tables, thus the traffic requirements in this site is lower compared to traditional poker rooms.

Number of Omaha tables in PPPoker

Club/Stake PLO20-50 PLO50-100 PLO100-200 PLO200-500 PLO500-700 PLO700-1K
Kingpower2   3 2+1   2  
Bangkok   2 2 1 3 1
JnL   2 2 1    
Red Pineapple     1      
Namaste     1   2  
Supreme 3 2 1      
DelMarAsia 2 2        
Russian PPPoker 3 3 1 1    
Poker Bro* 3 7 2 2 1 1
Fish Bowl 2 4 2 2   2

* HU tables included

We tried to capture the traffic stats during the peak time of each club according to its country. Since the clubs have different currencies, we have grouped several stakes in terms of USD.

Club/Stake PLO20-50 PLO50-100 PLO100-200 PLO200-500 PLO500-700 PLO700-1K
Supreme 1/2 2/4 5/10      
DelMarAsia 1/2, 2/4 3/6        
JnL   1/2 2/4,3/6      
Kingpower2   1/2 2/4,3/6 5/10 10/20 15/30
Bangkok   1/2 2/4,3/6 5/10 10/20 15/30
Red Pineapple     1/2 2/4, 3/6 5/10  
Namaste     2/4 5/10 10/20  
Russian PPPoker 0.2/0.4 0.3/0.6, 0.5/1 1/2 2/4    
Poker Bro 0.1/0.2, 0.2/0.4 0.3/0.6, 0.5/1 1/2 2/4 3/6 5/10
Fish Bowl 0.1/0.2, 0.2/0.4 0.3/0.6, 0.5/1 1/2 2/4 3/6 5/10

We invite you to contact our team on Skype to solve any doubt you may have.

And not only players are welcome to take advantage of our deals, but also we invite partners and sub-affiliates from several countries like Israel, India, and America, to join us to work together in PPPoker. We guarantee the best terms of funds guarantee and flawless operation.

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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