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Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice after seven sessions

Author: Vargoso Published: 15.06.21

The seventh session of the high stakes challenge between Bill Perkins and Landon Tice was played this week. This article will tell you about which milestone the match has approached and the overall progress.

Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice after seven sessions

A swing of tens of thousands of dollars

The HU challenge between Bill Perkins and Landon Tice kicked off on June 2, 2021. Now the game has entered a certain rhythm, which apparently, suits both participants.

The following table includes the results of all the matches played until today (June 15, 2021):

Session Hands Winner Profit
1 624 Landon Tice $18,000
2 276 Bill Perkins $79,791
3 445 Landon Tice $159,751
4 334 Bill Perkins $44,263
5 366 Landon Tice $29,922
6 362 Bill Perkins $67,699
7 384 Landon Tice $90,568
TOTAL 2,791 Landon Tice $106,571

Interestingly, both players alternate between lost and won sessions. As for the number of hands played every day, there is certain stability here: 300 - 400.

After seven sessions of the $200/$400 Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice challenge, 2,791 hands were played, and Tice is ahead by $106,571 at the tables. However, considering the handicap, he is only winning $6,095.

Hence, after playing 14% of the match, the players are almost break-even, of course, considering the unusual 9BB/100 head start in favor of Bill.

Highlights of the third most positive session for Landon Tice:

Tice has given up on social media

In addition to actually playing at the tables, players comment on the course of the match on Twitter. Landon Tice, however, after the second and most negative of all sessions, wrote the following post about this:

Landon Tice takes a break on social media

And now his Twitter page only shows a set of reports on the results and announcements. However, once Landon allowed himself to describe his daily routine, in which a third of the points are related to poker: "Learning HUNL, Playing HUNL, Reviewing HUNL."

On the other hand, Bill Perkins, apparently, does not intend to give up the usual course of life for the opportunity to win the challenge. His social networks, as before, are full of man reposts and messages related to politics, cryptocurrencies, global warming, and events within the United States.

Nevertheless, he shared his feelings about a possible victory in the challenge:

Bill Perkins on his challenge

*Solve For Why is a poker educational portal where Matt Berkey and Christian Soto comment on the challenge.

So far, Bill doesn't have much to worry about, but neither does Landon. The course of the match shows that a handicap of 9BB/100 can turn into a significant loss at any time. There are still more than 17 thousand hands to be played.

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