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Bitcoin Poker 3.0 — SwC Poker relaunch!

The very first Bitcoin poker room, SwC Poker, launched a major update of its platform on November 13, 2018 — Bitcoin Poker 3.0. Today we will analyze it and make our prospects about the future of crypto-poker.

Bitcoin Poker 3.0 — SwC Poker relaunch!

The cryptocurrencies' world has been very agitated in the past months:

  • Winning Poker Network shared that 60% of its transactions are being processed in cryptocurrencies
  • We added a new room, Crypto poker club with Bitcoin and Ethereum tables and up to 100% of rakeback
  • CoinPoker introduced 6+ Hold'em tables
  • On November 15, our private rake race at Nitrogen Sports with a 1BTC guarantee and a new one will start on November 20.

Now, the room that started the cryptocurrency's history of in the poker world — SwC Poker, conducted a major update of its site, client and game offer.

Major changes to SwC Poker in Bitcoin Poker 3.0

  • Completely new client compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and HTML5 (web-browser);
  • New website with the retro-pixel style;
  • Chips are now equal to 1uBTC (1,000,000 chips = 1BTC);
  • New poker games added including 6+ Hold'em, tables without rake, Run It Twice;
  • New tournament schedule: the main tournament is the Medium BTC (100kGTD, approximately $560) with a buy-in of 5,000uBTC ($28);
  • Bad Beat Jackpot — special tables with a prize pool of 100,000 chips, paid when you lose with AAATT or better;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 500 chips;
  • The loyalty program, Krill Rewards will remain unchanged so far (details can be found in our SWC Poker review). The room promised to update the program in the near future.

The rake in SwC has become even lower, especially for high stakes HU games:

Fixed and Mixed 

Stakes Rake (%) CAP
    2 players 3 players + 4 players
up to 100/200 2.50% 50 80 140
200/400 - 1000/2000 1.50% 50 120 160
2000/4000 + 1.00% 50 120 180

NL and PL 

Stakes Rake (%) CAP
    2 players 3 players + 4 players
up to 50/100 2.50% 80 100 180
100/200 - 500/1000 2.50% 100 120 180
1000/2000 + 2.00% 100 120 200


Stakes Rake (%) CAP
up to 500/1000 1.33% 100    
100/200 - 500/1000 1.00% 120    
1000/2000 + 1.00% 150    


Stakes Rake (%) CAP
up to 100 2.00% 100    
200-1000 2.00% 160    
2000 + 2.00% 200    

SwC Poker new client review:

The main lobby of the new SwC poker client looks like this:

At the top of the table list, there are menu bars to choose between poker games and betting styles. Filters are located at the bottom of the lobby. Waiting lists are available.

The tables have standard designs and are comfortably for regulars. There is only one table theme available, but you can adjust the bet sizing, auto-rebuy, hot-keys.

OFC Table


NL Table


Besides Hold'em and Omaha tables, Razz, lowball are visible in the lobby. 6+ Hold'em was also introduced with a great innovation — 9-max tables are available both for cash games and tournaments.

There are no trackers support in the room yet, but the players can take notes from the opponents. The client is available in 9 different languages.


This unexpected relaunch of the veteran cryptocurrency poker rooms SwC Poker at the end of the year may have a positive impact on the players' traffic. The new software, promotions and the renewed game offer will put a known brand as SwC Poker back in the competition for leadership on this market.

And in case of another cryptocurrency boom, this room could become into the main source of new traffic and may take crypto-poker to another level.

SwC Poker logo
SwC Poker
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 50%

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

Vargoso 17.11.18
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