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Chico Poker Network: New races, stakes, and Action Tables

The beginning of April 2021 was loaded with much news for Chico Poker Network players. Both regular cash and SnG races have become daily, the client now has Action Tables (with a VPIP threshold), and two new high stakes ($10/$20 and $25/$50) were added to the lobby.

Chico Poker Network: New races, stakes, and Action Tables

Daily races

After the Chico Poker Network announced the cancellation of affiliate rakeback deals in late March, we predicted that we would see new steps to level the game field shortly.

And now, with the beginning of the new month, the players of Tigergaming, Sportsbetting and BOL Poker got several updates at once. The first of them concerned the endless races, which over the past year and a half changed their conditions more than once or even been canceled.

Cash Game Leaderboards and SnG Leaderboards became daily with a prize pool of $1,650 and T$500, without a division per stakes. In the cash race, there are three leaderboards for Hold'em, Omaha, and fast-fold poker. 

Place NLH PLO Boost SnG
1 $200 $180 $50 T$100
2 $150 $125 $30 T$75
3 $110 $75 $20 T$55
4 $90 $45 $15 T$45
5 $50 $25 $10 T$25
6-10 $35 $10 $5 T$17,5
11-25 $15     T$7,5

Although the same racing format is popular among the best poker rooms, in this case, it is poorly implemented. Low-stakes players won't get anything (they clearly won't be able to collect as many points/rake per day as their "senior" colleagues), and for grinders, even payments for the TOP3 will be merely symbolic.

A small exception will be the Boost Race because the only fast-fold poker active stake on Chico is NL10, and 2-5 buy-ins per day for top grinders can be a decent profit. Unfortunately, this will benefit a minimal number of players.

New tables

Action Tables on Chico Poker Network

Another experiment affected the Hold'em cash tables. The most unusual part of it was the appearance of a new type of games in the lobby, which players previously had only seen in poker applications:

Action Tables are tables with a VPIP threshold (at least 32%), at stakes from NL10 to NL500 6-max. It's still unclear how these tables will work or after how many hands a player will be kicked out to comply with the VPIP requirements.

The second novelty in the lobby is two new stakes, again for 6-max Hold'em: NL2,000 and NL5,000. The new games, as well as NL1k, are now highlighted in red in the client.

However (and unexplicably), it seems that not all players are welcome at those tables so far, as only a few grinders have access to the games now; all other players who don't have access but wants to play at those tables must contact support, as a 2+2 user explained in the forum.

All these updates are clearly intended to boost the popularity of Chico rooms among players, but only time will tell how effective they were. Now the network ranks 13 with 525 connections on average per week.

Benefits of our affiliate service:

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