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Chinese "Black Friday", or a lot of noise for nothing?

Yesterday, 23/04/2018, in poker portals, specially those focused in the popular Asian market, some news emerged with very bad perspective. Many journalists rushed to called the events as the Chinese "Black Friday". Here we are going to review only the facts and conclude if really these events deserve such a high-profile title.

Chinese "Black Friday", or a lot of noise for nothing?

China has banned all the poker applications

The Chinese authorities have decided to implement a global ban to prevent the spread of poker in this country. Online gambling for real money has been actually outlawed for a long time in China. But, as we all know perfectly, Chinese players use mobile applications to play online poker and satisfy their desires; the games in the mobile apps were in theory only in play money. But a complex system of agents and clubs allowed to implement games in real money.

Since June 1, all of these applications in China, with access via gadgets, will be completely banned. No matter what game currency was used in the tables. As a consequence, all mobile shops must remove all the poker applications from their list. Also, it will be forbidden to advertise or promote any kind of poker games through social networks.

But who in the end will suffer the most from this ban? Only the official game giants as Tencent, Alisports (Alibaba), Ourgame and Boyaa Interactive, in which applications people actually played for play money.

Online poker rooms offered in WorldPokerDeals such as PokerMaster - PokerLords - PPPoker, PokerFishs, SuperPoker, Thirteen Poker, will only suffer a minimal part after June 1, maybe a little drop in the traffic but not much. Our partners in China already assured us this. Being clear, organizing games for real money with Chinese players was already illegal. And this ban will only deprive their clients the possibility of convenient access to the installation and updated of the application.

But no one can prevent the players from downloading a .APK file. All Chinese people that played for real money did through agents, and they will be happy to explain their costumers how to keep playing, downloading updated and enjoying online poker.

We will inform to you all the changes about this subjecta. In the meantime, we will continue with the best thing we do: offering the best conditions to play in Chinese applications with weak compositions.

Vargoso 24.04.18
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