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Cody Latimer arrested after a poker fight

The TMZ news portal confirmed that NFL star Cody Latimer was arrested after arguing in a poker game that ended with serious threats and firearms.

Cody Latimer arrested after a poker fight

Cody Latimer: arrested in a poker fight

A home poker game hosted by Roderick English in Douglas County, Colorado, on Saturday, May 16, 2020, almost ended in tragedy after Cody Latimer, a famous NLF player, fired a gun amid a poker argument.

According to the police report, Latimer was furious and even threatened to "kill everybody." After a first altercation, the host stopped the game, but Cody didn't calm down, came back, and fire two bullets close to another player.

Although such issues are rare in the poker world, all players are familiar with the hand history of the dead man's hand, a set of two eights and two aces held by Wild Bill Hickock before he was killed while playing.

One person was reported injured, and the cops arrested Latimer. According to Latimer's attorney, the whole story will soon be known, and people will judge "one of the most highly provocative situations," which allegedly involves sexual harassment of the Latimer's daughter. Latimer went out of jail after paying a $25,000 bond.

Nevertheless, Cody was charged with several felonies, from assault to illegally firing a gun, and the NLF player must return to court again on July 14 to continue the process.

The Washington Redskins, Latimer's team, issued a brief press release acknowledging the situation and stating that they are currently gathering information and won't refer to the subject until they have all the facts clear.

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