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Comparison between Molly's Game, HiPoker and Potato Poker

In 2019, we have witnessed the rise and fall of Chinese poker rooms like PokerKing Asia and Red Dragon Poker. Foreign players were banned from Asian sites, and only a few poker rooms grant access to overseas regs to play against Chinese players. In this article, we review the best Chinese poker rooms to play in 2019: Molly's Game, HiPoker, and Potato Poker.

Comparison between Molly's Game, HiPoker and Potato Poker

Alternative Chinese poker rooms

In 2018, an alternative poker room was a synonym of a Chinese poker room, although we always have offered other options like Indian, Israeli, or Latin-American sites. That all changed with PokerMaster, which arose as a huge poker room with hundreds of clubs and literally thousands of tables played around the clock. But PokerMaster didn't come alone. It also brought bots, collusion, and several scams that scared the players eventually. Then, alternative poker rooms like PokerLords, PokerKingdom and others arose as great options to join games with Chinese fishes, with less traffic but also with safer conditions (just because the traffic is lower).

Molly's Game, HiPoker, and Potato Poker

PokerLords/PokerKingdom is now Molly's Game, and OhPoker/Thirteen Poker is now HiPoker. Both sites are an "exact copy" of PokerMaster, although just a few clubs are available to join. Potato Poker uses the PokerKing Asia scheme: only one club and the players process deposits and withdrawals by themselves.

Software benchmarking: Molly's Game, HiPoker, and Potato Poker

The gameplay is very similar in all sites: the client is designed for mobile devices (both iOS and Android), and our players can join the action from a desktop PC using an Android emulator.

Description Molly's Game HiPoker Potato Poker
Language English English Chinese
HUD Yes Yes No
Cashier Agent Agent Direct
Registration Agent Agent Player
Rake 5% to winning players only 5% to winning players only 5% to winning players only

Traffic comparison: Molly's Game, HiPoker, and Potato Poker

No Limit Hold'em

Stake [CNY] Molly's Game [Tables] HiPoker [Tables] Potato Poker [Tables]
1/2     18
2/4 16 10 15
5/10 13 8 6
10/20 8   2
20/40 5 7  
25/50 2* 4  
50/100   2*  
100/200   1*  

* HU action

Pot Limit Omaha:

Stake [CNY] Molly's Game [Tables] HiPoker [Tables] Potato Poker [Tables]
1/2     4
2/4   4 1
5/10 3 3  
10/20 2    
20/40 1*    
25/50   1  

* HU action

Potato Poker suits low and mid-stakes players, while HiPoker and Molly's Game have high-stakes action up to NL1500. All sites have PLO action, and only at HiPoker and Molly's Game have HU tables up to 25/50CNY (NL700). All three poker rooms have enough fishes at the tables.

Worldpokerdeals offer for Molly's Game, HiPoker and Potato Poker

After seeing overseas players being banned from PokerMaster, PokerKing Asia, and Red Dragon Poker, we concluded that the best Chinese poker rooms now are those that still grant access to foreign players. And that's our deal for Molly's Game, HiPoker, and Potato Poker: fast access to private and very soft Chinese poker rooms and top-notch customer support. 


The PokerMaster boom didn't end: it evolved. As we have said many times, with over 1300 million inhabitants, China is a huge market that no one is letting go easily. While online poker is restricted in China, more and more sites like Molly's Game or HiPoker will emerge as the only alternative for local players to join online games.

Potato Poker
Potato Poker
Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
Asian mobile platform High stakes action
Deposit bonus -
Rakeback -
Molly's Game
Molly's Game
Asian mobile platform Only for VIP players
Deposit bonus -
Rakeback -

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