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Comprehensive Chico Network review: which skin to choose?

In 2019 there are about two dozens of poker networks. The largest is the GG Poker network, which we analyzed last week, and of course, there are smaller ones, focused on specific markets or offering a particular game. One of the most traditional poker networks serving the US market is Chico, integrated only three poker rooms: TigerGaming, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. In this article, we study all factors decide on which one is most suitable for you.

Comprehensive Chico Network review: which skin to choose?

What attracts players to the Chico network poker rooms?

All the poker rooms of the Chico network are divisions of gaming companies focused on processing sports bets of US and Canadian citizens (although some skins also accept players from other countries with restrictions like Spain).

This is the major advantage for poker players; thanks to a shared pool of Western sports fans, Chico can boost up to 2,000 connections during peak time and feature overall weak lineups.

But, Chico is not offering poker just as a complimentary service, and in recent years, several tweaks have been made to improve poker offer:

  • Roll out of new software;
  • A complete overhaul of the tournament schedule, hosting its own series;
  • Launch of several formats including 6+ Hold'em, spins, and SnGs.

Recently, Chico network announced a new policy to fight bots, following in the footsteps of its primary competitor, WPN; with this, the network is getting ready to fight for a place in the TOP-10.

Chico network traffic overview in 2019

The last time we wrote about the traffic on Chico network, cash games tables faced a peak, mostly thanks to the problems Winning had due to a complex software update.

Today, according to PokerScout, Chico ranks 16th in terms of traffic, although it should be noted that the difference with the TOP-10 is only 6%. In short, competition is growing among the "smaller" poker networks.

According to our scouts, the number of connections at TigerGaming and other skins has not changed in the last month, and during peak time it exceeds 1,700. The number of cash games tables available is as follows:

6-max NLH

Stake Tables
NL10 6-10
NL25 5-8
NL50 3-5
NL100 6-8
NL200 2-4
NL500+ 3-5

9-max NLH

Stake Tables
NL10 8-10
NL25 3-5
NL50 2-3
NL100 7-10
NL200 1-2
NL500+ 1


Stake Tables
PLO10 4-6
PLO25 3-5
PLO50 2-3
PLO100 2-4
PLO200 2-3
PLO500+ 1-2

A significant change is the emergence of a steady amount of connections (up to 30-40) during peak time at NL10 fast poker, which can be associated with the launch of a jackpot promotion for this format.

According to the traffic indicators, we can draw similar conclusions to those of July:

  • Chico network is one of the best sites to play 9-max tables;
  • The 6-max traffic both at NLH and PLO tables is more than enough during peak time to grind comfortably.

Chico network poker rooms comparison

Chico is the kind of poker network where its skins have minimal differences among thems. In terms of bonuses, the offer includes:

  • 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000, equals 20% to rakeback;
  • $15,000 Weekly Cash Race and $5,275 SnG leaderboard;
  • Two jackpot promotions;

We could say that there is no VIP program, but WPD players get a private rakeback deal.

The only representative difference between Chico network skins is the restricted countries:

  • TigerGaming doesn't accept US players;
  • BetOnline and SportsBetting have a more flexible policy, and players from countries with restrictions including the USA can join the tables.


For Chico network, and leaving geographic restrictions behind (if you live in the USA, you can only join BetOnline or SportsBetting for example), the selection of the poker room is based more on the experience of affiliates and players on the network.

If you have never played before on Chico network, the flagship room, TigerGaming, is probably the best option. If you have already registered an account, and wish to return to the tables or boost your rakeback with our deal, then you must choose from BetOnline or SportsBetting.

Please note that Chico restricts the number of accounts a player can have to one; so, for long-term grinding, you should carefully choose your skin because if you create a new account, you'll be forced to remove the previous one at the initial skin.

On top of a fantastic rakeback deal, Worldpokerdeals will provide all our players on Chico Network:

  • Free layout convenient for multi-tabling;
  • Datamining;
  • Software discount (hand converter to use HUD).

Please contact our manager Timofey (Skype, Telegram) to get more details about our Chico network rakeback deal.

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