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Comprehensive GG Poker network review: which skin to choose?

In recent years, GG Poker network has become the undisputed leader in terms of growth and conquest of new markets in modern online poker. During this time, its offer of poker room (skins) has also increased a lot. In this article, we compare the leading skins of GGNetwork, identifying its unique features and benefits for Worldpokerdeals players.

Comprehensive GG Poker network review: which skin to choose?

What attracts poker players to GG Poker network poker rooms?

To begin, we'll mention some general aspects of GG Poker network that allowed it to reach its current position and the title of one of the largest poker networks in the world:

  • High traffic in several cash games formats and an excellent tournament grid;
  • Regular and monthly promotions providing good bonuses and focused on all kind of players (amateurs and regs);
  • Balanced lineups at the tables.

Of course, each of these points compliments itself; for example, for having a large number of games, the network received a lot of rake, and that allows to roll out several promotions with good money added, thanks to which the poker ecology is maintained.

This ecosystem is crucial to attracting new players, and as long as the promotions remain aimed at all players, the grow indicators should be positive.

Another key success criterion of GGNetwork has been a localized and aggressive marketing policy, focusing the skins on working with players from certain regions:

  • Asian skins - Natural8, GGpoker;
  • Western European skins - Bestpoker, BetKings Poker;
  • Eastern European Skins - PokerOK.

Note: some GGNetwork skins have been granted with licenses for restricted markets such as the British, Swedish, Estonian, Irish, and Latvian.

GG Poker network traffic during summer-autumn 2019

As GG Poker network has skins that offer their services in different countries, we can say that there is action around the clock at all stakes:

NLH traffic overview

Stakes/Time 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 24:00
NL10 34 (2) 30 (2) 33 (1) 36 25 (1)
NL25 18 (1) 15 15 19 17 (1)
NL50 15 (1) 19 (1) 19 (1) 14 14 (2)
NL100 14 16 (1) 10 (1) 9 (1) 7
NL200 6 (2) 8 8 5 5
NL400 2 3 6 5 3
NL1K 6 9 6 3 2

* The number in brackets is 9-max tables. Counting those, we could add 1-2 NL600 tables.

PLO traffic overview

Stake/Time 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 24:00
PLO10 9 19 8 11 6
PLO25 9 10 11 8 10
PLO50 16 16 12 8 11
PLO100 5 8 6 7 6
PLO200 6 9 10 8 5
PLO500 8 7 5 7 3
PLO1K-2K 3 5 3 4 3

* The highest-stakes games are played at the Hold'em and Omaha Featured Tables, where is usual to find NL5k — NL10k and PLO5k — PLO10k action.

Rush&Cash traffic overview

Stake/Time 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 24:00
Аnte $0.02 108 125 125 116 73
Аnte $0.2 129 117 84 88 69
Аnte $1 93 66 68 68 58
Аnte $2   9 2    

GG Poker network skins rakeback comparison


Worldpokerdeals offers exclusive rakeback deals in all the leading poker rooms of GGNetwork. Each has different features (GG Poker network uses its own rake structure called PVI, which is short diversifies how rake is accounted):

  • PokerOK — is the most transparent rakeback system. During the month, players receive the Fish Buffet rewards plus some in-house promotions like first deposit bonus, tickets, etc. If at the end of the month the sum of these payments is less than 50% of PVI rake, then the player will receive from us what is missing to achieve it. If the VIP program of the room awarded more than 50%, the player keeps the actual payment;
  • Bestpoker —exactly like PokerOK;
  • Natural8 — our players will receive an additional payment of 25% PVI rake minus all funds received through Fish Buffet and other promotions;
  • GGPoker — our players get a 30% PVI rakeback minus all promotions received by the room (Fish Buffet, etc.)
  • BetKings Poker — each month our players receive 20% PVI rakeback minus all the site's promotions.

In short, all poker rooms use the same scheme, except PokerOK and Bestpoker. 

Why do we consider PokeOK as the best rakeback deal in GG Poker network?

Fish Buffet prizes are released at random, but according to players experience, on average it represents about 20%-30% PVI rakeback. For example, if you rake $1,000 during the month, Fish Buffet will reward you with approximately $250. And from $750, you will get another 20% to 30%, depending on the skin ($150 at BetKings Poker and $225 at GGPoker).

As a result, considering a 25% rakeback from Fish Buffet:

  • BetKings Poker - 40%;
  • Natural8 - 43.8%;
  • GGpoker - 47.5%.

Of course, this is average numbers as it cannot be said for sure how much rakeback would Fish Buffet give, it could be more or less each month. In PokerOK you are protected with a fixed payment each month; therefore, if Fish Buffest gives you only 10% rakeback, this won't reduce the total amount of money you receive in return.

In short, each month you'll receive 50% monthly rakeback no matter what happens in the room, and even some months you can get more than 50% thanks to a good luck stretch, and that's why PokerOK is the best rakeback deal in GG Poker network.

It's worth noting that these calculations apply only for regular cash games tables and All-in or Fold. If you play fast poker (Rush&Cash), you'll also get an amazing rakeback deal, but the percentages are different.

Rush&Cash has its own VIP program — Cash Drops. The player pays 1/6 of rake in ante from each hand. Of this, 65% goes to Cash Dops prize pool, which is randomly awarded at the tables. Fast poker players in GGNetwork received a rakeback deal from us based on the 35% missing from Cash Drops payments. In total the rakeback is between 30%-35%.

First deposit bonus comparison for GG Poker network skins

In two poker rooms — PokerOK and BetKings Poker, the FDB is called welcome bonus, it is activated in the client, has a fixed size, and does not depend on the amount of the first deposit.

Skin Bonus amount Payout Wagering time
PokerOK fixed to $1,000 $5 180 days
Bestpoker 100% up to $ 2,000 $1 90 days
Natural8 100% up to $1,688 $10 NA
GGpoker 200% up to $1,000 $10 90 days
BetKings Poker fixed to $1,000 $5 180 days

Also, at all rooms except Natural8, players receive a bonus payment each time they make ten times the amount in rake, which in short means 10% rakeback. Natural8 is more flexible and to get a payment is only needed 5X rake (20% rakeback), which in the absence of a wagering time makes this first deposit bonus the best in the network.

Additional criteria for comparing GG Poker network skins

In addition to different rakeback and bonus offers, GG Poker network poker rooms have unique features that are important for players from different regions. There are not payment methods, as, for regulars, they usually come down to Skrill, Neteller, and cryptos, and the withdrawal times are standard (up to one day for e-wallets and up to 5-7 days to cards).

Some skins have support in different languages besides English:

  • PokerOK - Russian;
  • BetKings Poker - Croatian;
  • Natural8 - Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean.

Besides that, the leading poker rooms of GGNetwork don't have many differences for regulars.

Joint promotions in GG Poker network poker rooms


In addition to global bonuses such as FDB and rakeback, GG Poker network has a comprehensive set of promotions that applies to all skins, which are one of the main reasons for amateur players to join the games. These include:

  • HoneyMoon — for a month the new players must complete different challenges with a total prize of $300;
  • Weekly Mission — seven weekly missions for which players get a $5,000 freeroll ticket;
  • Big Hand Jackpot — a jackpot for getting excellent hands at regular tables;
  • AoF Jackpot — a similar bonus but exclusive to All-in or fold tables.

On top of that, some skins also offer exclusive promotions for their players:

  • PokerOK — three weekly freerolls: $200 Saturday Depositors Freeroll (available to all players who deposited during the week), 10,000 RUB Telegram Chat, $100 Vibet Chat, monthly PokerOK cup (which includes a T$500 leaderboard); also, a lottery promotion is held every month;
  • Bestpoker —  $1,000 New Players Freeroll, takes place once a month among the players who made their first deposit;
  • GGPoker — hold GGIFridays, a small tournament series, and the Nice Hand Freeroll $250;
  • Natural8 —$500 Weekly First Depositors Freeroll.


A good thing about GG Poker network is that it allows players to have accounts in each skin. Therefore, players who liked the network and looked for a better rakeback deal have plenty of options to choose a poker room that best suits them.

Worldpokerdeals will help not only select the best rakeback deal, but also provide information and technical support plus access to all our VIP services, layouts, and cashier services with fast withdrawals for NL600+ players.

In any case, regardless of your country of residence (as long as the country is not restricted), we will be able to find you a great GG Poker network skin that suits your needs. 

For more details, please contact our managers in live chat or via messengers:

Telegram: @alexey_wpd

Skype: live:newbheartstoned

WhatsApp: +66658566798

GGPoker logo
GG Network
Good for beginners Network's best skin High stakes action
Welcome offer $100 free
Rakeback Fish Buffet
GGPokerOK logo
GG Network
Good for beginners 50%+ rakeback Network's best skin No Deposit bonus
Deposit bonus $600
Rakeback 50%+
Bestpoker logo
iPoker Network
50%+ rakeback
Deposit bonus 2000€
Rakeback up to 100%
Natural8 logo
GG Network
50%+ rakeback Bitcoins accepted Good for beginners
Deposit bonus $100
Rakeback up to 100%
BetKings Poker logo
BetKings Poker
GG Network
50%+ rakeback Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus 1000$
Rakeback up to 100%

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