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Comprehensive PokerMaster FAQ. How to deposit, cashout and play from PC.

Author: captainlonga Published: 12.06.17

We wrote this complex Q & A in order to make it easier for you guys to understand the really complicated game system in the Chinese room Poker Master. The information will be extremely useful to new players of this room, so I highly recommend it for reading to all interested. Others can skip this post, which contains a lot of technical information.

Comprehensive PokerMaster FAQ. How to deposit, cashout and play from PC.

What is PokerMaster and why everyone keeps talking about it?
This is the Asian room where the most expensive games take place between Chinese players and regulars who have access to the games against them. The level of local players and the general trend of the games leaves behind any online poker room available online these days. 
How can I play at Poker Master?
We accept and provide access to nl600$+ and pl600$+ players. The games are played up to the sky-high limits (nl10k$+)
Is it a new room?
No, some big affiliates and agents have been successfully working with PM for a while. We also work with few dozens of international regs. 
How to download PokerMaster?
PM is an application available at AppStore, or Google Play. It can be downloaded from these stores (search for “Pokermaster” with green spade logo). In fact - it's just a playground platform, on the basis of which everyone can organize games, very similar to PokerStars Home Games. To understand how it works, imagine that you created a Club in Home Game, invited some players and opened a cash table inside the club to play on fun chips. So, the difference is that in PokerMaster you play for real money and the organizers of such Clubs are owners of private live poker rooms and casinos of mainland China, who attract local players to their clubs.
Deposits and withdrawals are processed via agents. We, Worldpokerdeals, are the biggest EU agents of PokerMaster and PokerFishs that provide access to international regs.
Why won’t these players just play in the usual room?
The first reason is that in China gambling is banned. Thus, playing in the application and making transactions through a familiar agent is the safest thing. This format of agency cashiers is very common for the most of Asian poker rooms, bookmaker sites and online casinos (also in Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.). Those agents are big affiliates in China, that usually known among players community and highly trusted. Players don’t need to transfer money by the bank, or show the movements of money in other ways.
Second - the Chinese are used to playing live poker, so the mechanics of online games in many ways repeat the live game.
Third - for Chinese players it's simply easier to use cash for transactions. They do not use the usual wallets such as Skrill, most of which are banned in China.
How are the games organized? 
Here there are a number of huge differences with the usual online poker rooms. They are very important to understand if you are planning to play at PokerMaster. Action with Chinese players is more than worth it.
So, in every Club, as in the PS Home Games Club, there is a certain number of players included in it. If the player is not added to the club, he can not join the games of the Club.
The owners of the club create a certain amount of cash tables daily (for example, 10-20, 20-40 and 50-100 limits). Players who want to play - seat in and when at least 2 players joined the table - the game begins.
The second important difference. Each table is created for a certain period of time. What does it mean? You sit down at the table and after 2-3-4 hours the game will end and calculations be made.
Leaving the table until the games stops is not tolerated. Players who will quit often may be expelled from the Club. This may sound very strange to international regs, but this is how games are played in China and particularly at PM.
Third. Rake. The usual rake i.e. small share of the pot deducted from every hand is not taken. No commission is charged while the game is in progress. Instead, when the table time ends and the game stops, calculation is made and rake is charged in the form of 5% deduction of the winnings from the players who made profit. Losers do not pay anything.
For example. At the end of the session 4 players lost, and the 2 won. Losers will not pay anything. Calculation of winners:
For example, player 1 won 10.000 CNY.  His rake is 500 CNY. Nothing is charged from player's initial buy-in.Player 2 has won 5000. 250 will be withheld from his winning amount.
And finally the last difference. Games are played on gaming chips, not Chinese Yuen (CNY). When you seat at the cash table, 10% of chips are removed from the stack (this is not money!). This is a small amount of ​​1-2 $, which go to the software developers of PM.
Thus, literally you will have less chips than expected based on your current results. Do not worry. Our manager will add chips and this few dollars will not affect your overall results.
To simplify it, we recommend to think this way - ignore write-offs and your balance amount inside client when playing at PM. If the chips come to an end, just request them from our manager.
Real statistics of your game is available in the Results tab in the application. Only there you should monitor your accurate session results.
What is the traffic at Pokermaster?
We give access to 10+ clubs, so lots of action around the clock daily, both in PLO and in NLH including high stakes games.
How weak are the games?
Weaker than in any other online poker room available online including Bodog and other Asian sites.
Are there any regs?
Of course, but the inflow of fish is also huge from Chinese agents.
If this is a mobile app, how can I play from PC?
We give you a special software for playing from desktop PC. It may look a bit complicated but the whole installation process will take not more than 15 mins if you follow our advices. It is possible to play up to 4-5 tables but requires the resources from your computer. Ideally, to have 16GB of RAM to be able to comfortably play this number of tables.
We suggest to start with 1 table/account if you are interested to test waters in PM and add few more after setting things up.
Can I play without all this software?
Sure. You can play 1 table from a tablet or iPhone, or a modern Android device. We have a player who multitables using 3 IPads. Btw, software works much more stable mobile devices.
Can I use Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker?
No, and we hope that it will never be possible, as this will make fields much stronger very fast.
Can I multitable?
Yes, we provide a special software for playing from a PC to our players. You will be able to grind up to 6 tables simultaneously. 
Security, risks etc
We do our best to provide the most secure and stable setups to our grinders. Not as a formal phrase, but we actually meet up with representatives of Clubs in Macau and make agreements  only large ones that have trusted names in the Chinese gambling environment.
Our players are winning a lot, cashouts always come on time. Nevertheless, there are cases of teamplay (common problem in Asian rooms) that happen mainly at smaller Clubs. We wouldn’t say it's a dramatic issue looking at the results of our guys but still worth mentioning. If a clear collusion is spotted please report to our manager.
Also a few issues with club manager kidnapping moneys from the master account of the Club took place in the past (not in our Clubs, through other agents and not with our players). Here, its important to understand that each Club is a separate structure,in other words - a room inside a room. Therefore, a fact that it happened in one Club does not technically belong to other clubs that are owned by other people, etc. We never had this kind of issues with any of our clubs (we are super caref when choosing partners), and we hope that it will never happen, but I am obliged to give you guys a full picture of what is happening.
I would like to emphasize that the game in any room, even in PokerStars, is a risk-to-potential ratio and each player makes a decision on the basis of known information. Of the recent stories, such big brands as PKR has freezed cashouts, so it's necessary to assess the risks soberly. To those who looks for the maximum safety , I recommend PS, Party, Titan Poker, 888. The EV and a set of available games there, of course, correlates with the high reliability of the companies.
Do you offer deposit guarantee for PokerMaster?
Good news! We do guarantee deposits of our players (means that, we physically store deposits on your accounts for a while) in case of force majeure.
Do you already have a lot of players?
Yes, we have 20-30 active players including those that are well known in the community.
And who are they?
We can not give out this information. Ask friends and most likely someone in your circle is already playing.
I am interested and want to observe the games first. How do I do it?
Request a test account from our manager.
Deposits and cashouts. What wallets you accept?
We accept deposits via Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, BTC, ETH. These same wallets are used for withdrawals. To request a cashout, as in any agency room, please make a request to our manager.
Commission for withdrawals
Important. When you decide to withdraw winnings  - it is subject to a small vig charged from the amount of withdrawal. We offer really top-end conditions for this percentage to our VIP-players. Please contact us to get a private deal.
Speeds of withdrawal?
Amounts up to 10k $ - from instantly up to 1-2 days. Large amounts up to 5 working days, but in fact faster.
What is the minimum deposit?
2000$. Starting stake is $ 600 PL / NL.
How do I track my results?
Given that the room was originally created for playing on the fun-money, when you join the table - small amount of chips is written off from your stack. Therefore, your actual bankroll may not coincide with the amount displayed inside the lobby.
Do not worry about this, the system takes into account the results of each session.
To see your real results, you need to click on the History tab inside the application. Also statistics are available online. To access go to http://9723621.life and use a login / password combo provided by our manager.
These stats are always accurate.

Beginning of the game.

After making a deposit, we will send you your login details, use it to log in. In the lobby, under the promo banners panel and announcements there is a list of available games from different Clubs.
Game - means Hold'em tables.
Omaha - PLO respectively.
Each table shows displays the table timing, the blinds, the ante (if any), the maximum number of seats and available seats. Tap, or click on it, the table layout will open. Take a seat at the table if you want to play.
Buy-in: from 100 to 500bbs.
20-40 CNY is roughly equal to NL600 $, but keep in mind that often the game are played in deep stacks.
Please schedule your sessions. The Chinese really take offense, if the players leave before the  table is closed, especially if you are up. You can be expelled from the Club if leaving games often, and in most cases we can’t help.
Chat at the table can not be used. Same for mic button
Elements of the interface are quite convenient and intuitive.

To check the time remaining until the table is closed, click on the notepad icon in the left side of the screen and the timer will appear in the opened panel with time until the end of the session.
To play from a PC, request a document with installation instructions from our manager. Installation will take 10-15 minutes and will allow you to multitable.

Important: please avoid playing between 7 and 9 am (CET). At this hours calculations are made and you may be dropped from tables.


We will update this FAQ and are grateful for your tips on its content. Feel free to share this post with your friends who are interested in Pokermaster.
As was mentioned, PM is a great chance to boost your bankroll with games as week as at the times of rise of online poker. And I am proud that our team offers the best and most important - safest deal on the market. 
Good luck at the tables, I am off to play myself :)
Rodion Longa, fishy nl600 reg and the leader of Worldpokerdeals.com

Still have questions? Skype: rodion_longa or Telegram: IamLonga or Facebook www.facebook.com/captainlonga- I will be glad to make things fully clear for you.


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