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Deep analysis of Latin American poker network: Aconcagua poker

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.08.17

What's up, folks! About a month ago we launched the best Latin American poker rooms to our poker players. We are very excited about the results we are starting to get there, and today we want to do a deep analysis including traffic, deposit and withdrawal methods, software, rake, reliability, rakeback and all the important subjects you will need as a poker professional to add this great options to your games:

Deep analysis of Latin American poker network: Aconcagua poker

Aconcagua Poker is the most well-known Latin American poker network. Their model is to create for each South American country a skin, named Brasil Poker Live, Ecuador Poker Live, Argentina Live, etc.

What is the traffic at Aconcagua Poker?

The traffic in Aconcagua Poker is pooled. This mean, all the skins that belong to the Aconcagua Poker Network share the traffic and the only difference is the currency and the language. Low and mid levels are the best levels in the network (let's say NL10 to NL200). The top level there can be NL600 in anonymous tables. The currency in the poker room is CHP, which is ARS, Argentinian Peso, 18ARS = 1CHP approx., but the exchange rate flows day by day. Test accounts are available on demand to test the waters first.

Traffic in Aconcagua Poker: lots of tables in low and mid levels

Are there any bots in Aconcagua Poker?

The question here can be rephrased: Any online poker room is bot free? And the answer, of course, is no, but, if the traffic in Aconcagua Poker is 2,000 players and the traffic in PokerStars is 200,000 players, you can easily see the bots in the small field. We don't support the bot use, but the truth is, there are players out there using them, and the online poker rooms are actively fighting it, but somehow it is impossible to catch them all. Please note the higher levels (NL600, 50CHP/100CHP) are anonymous, and this can be used for players to do some collusion.

Are there any regs in Aconcagua Poker?

Of course, there are big Latin American regs, but we can guarantee also big fish too. No network today is reg free. Aconcagua Poker fights the regulars, has a winning cap (you can find more about this with our manager in Skype), no support software is allowed (and again, you can find more about this with our manager in Skype), the higher levels are anonymous, so our opinion is that the playing field will remain fishy.


An anonymous table in Aconcagua Poker: NL600

Do you have winning players in Aconcagua?

Yes, we have, and we people losing money too. No one can guarantee you are going to win in a poker room. The games are fishy, that is true, but always remember the old saying: never bluff a fish because he doesn't know what is he doing.

How is the rake structure in Aconcagua Poker?

Please note: is not cheap to play in Aconcagua Poker, but of course is not fair to compare it to PokerStars which has 200,000 players. No rake preflop is charged, the rake is 5% (5% per street is taken) and is capped according to level, but, we must note, the CAP is higher than the one mentioned in the poker room website. We can say the CAP is 200CHP (12USD approx.) in the higher levels. Please see the following example:

  • Flop: 1,750CHP in bets
  • Pot: 1,662CHP, rake 5%, 88CHP,5 5USD
  • Turn: 3,850CHP in bets
  • Pot: 3,657CHP, rake 5%, 193CHP, 11USD (hand CAP reached)
  • Rake took in flop by Aconcagua Poker, 5%

What about the Aconcagua Poker software?

Aconcagua Poker uses the Connective Games software, one of the best out there. We have tried the Flash version (for web browsers) and is stable, and the Windows or Mac OS version runs smooth, you can easily multi-table (I'm writing this article from a small MacBook Air 13" and can arrange 6 tables no problem). 


6 tables in Aconcagua Poker

Can I use Holdem Manager / PokerTracker in Aconcagua Poker?

We can only answer this question in private, but we can tell you: fish players, Latinamerican players, low and most mid-stakes players (up to NL100 we think) don't use support software as the poker room don't allow it directly

How can I deposit or withdrawal in Aconcagua? Any commission out there?

Good news! Worldpokerdeals is a poker affiliate website, not a bank, so we charge nothing for deposit, withdrawal or currency exchange, as our main goal is to provide our poker players with the best setups available. You can deposit in Aconcagua Poker using Neteller / Skrill / Bitcoin / Ecopayz, and we create accounts with money in less than 24 hours! Our users can say it, we have created accounts in 5 mins. To create an account and deposit, please add us in Skype anytime! We are available 24/7.

What about the withdrawal times?

Also good news! Our players can say it too, we process the withdrawals very fast, usually <24 hours for cashouts <5kUSD. For higher amounts, we can take up to 5 days, but usuall,y our users can get their money faster.

Tell me more about the rakeback deal in Aconcagua Poker

We can give a VIP rakeback deal in Aconcagua Poker, just add us in Skype to know more about this. Please note that Aconcagua Poker openly says it doesn't like regs, so the main guarantee here are the fishy tables. 


Aconcagua Poker is one of the best poker rooms out there to add to your games. Pretty suitable for No Limit Holdem players starting at NL10 up to NL200. We must say: the winnings are caped, and the rooms fights regulars, so you should add Aconcagua Poker tables mixed with other poker rooms so you can get the volume you need. The higher levels are anonymous and you should think twice if you want to play there, or maybe play in lower levels and feel more comfortably. Aconcagua Poker doens't seem like the most organized online poker room, they even have wrong translations, bad information in their website, and sometimes it seems that the owners want to give the image of a very recreational poker room.

You will need to add us in Skype to create your account and deposit.


Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

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