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Deep review of Full10 Poker: Alternative skin of WPN Network

Hello grinders! Continuing with our series of deep reviews of the best online poker rooms to complete your online poker games, we bring now Full10 Poker, an alternative Argentine skin of the very popular Winning Poker Network. Keep reading to know all the details and start playing at Full10 Poker:

Deep review of Full10 Poker: Alternative skin of WPN Network

In this deep analysis we will review key factors to decide for an online poker room: traffic, rakeback, profitability, promotions, software, etc. We take into account each one of this details to recommend to our online poker players Full10 Poker as a online poker room. So let's get started!

I live in France; can I play in Full10 Poker?

This is one of the best news we can give to our online poker players: you can play from France in Full10 Poker without VPN. The deal is absolutely transparent for our French poker players, and that is not all: even from other regulated markets as Italy, Poland or Australia you can play without any problem! You only need to play; we take care of the rest.

How about the traffic in Full10 Poker

We have only one word to describe the traffic in Full10 Poker: INCREDIBLE! Being part of the Winning Poker Network, the amount of available tables to play is countless, including tournaments played around the clock. According to our analysis, the traffic at Full10 Poker can be taken as:

Cash Games:

You can always find tables available for your online poker games at Full10 Poker:

No Limit Hold'em

  • Microlimits (NL2-NL25): >30 tables!
  • Medium stakes (NL25-NL400): >20 tables!
  • High stakes (NL400-NL2000): 4 tables


  • Microlimits (PLO2-LO25): >10 tables!
  • Medium stakes (PLO25-PLO400): >10 tables!
  • High stakes (PLO400-PLO2000): 3 tables


The action that you can find in the tournament offer from Full10 Poker is very awesome too. MTT tournaments are constantly being played in all stakes from $1 up to $110. The Sundays are weekly tournaments with $1 million USD of guarantee prices with buy-ins of $500 and series of tournaments with millions of dollars in prices.

The Sit&Go tournaments are not behind and usually you can find heads-up, 6 and 9 players sit&go with buy-ins from $1 up to $400.

An important thing to mention is that currently the Spin&Go are not available at Full10 Poker.

What is the currency used in Full10 Poker?

This a very frequent question when you work with international poker rooms, and also a big concern: which currency is used at the table? What is the exchange rate? In Full10 you will not have this preoccupation, you only need to know a few key factors:

  • The exchange rate is fixed, always 1USD = 19ARS (Argentine Peso)
  • The cashier in the poker room is in ARS:

  • The bets and stakes in the lobby are in USD.
  • When you buy-in in a table, an automatic conversion ARS>>USD is performed:

What is the rake structure at Full10 Poker?

The rake structure of the poker room is: (please note the exchange rate we mention before)




0.10 – 0.20 ARS



0.25 – 0.5 ARS



0..5 – 1 ARS



1 –2 ARS



2 – 4 ARS



3 – 6 ARS



5 – 10 ARS



10 – 20 ARS



20 – 40 ARS



25 – 50 ARS



50 – 100 ARS



How much rakeback will I get in Full10 Poker?

Winning Poker Network is very popular for its good rakeback and Full10 Poker is not the exception. To get more details about the rakeback deal in Full10 Poker please contact our manager in Skype.

In top of our rakeback deal, all our poker players will participate in the internal rake race, The Beast, having separate versions for cash games and tournaments, with an estimated value of 10% of rakeback. If you play more you will win more!!

At last, our online poker players of Full10 Poker with take part of the VIP program of the poker room, a changing points program with 8% of value.

How is the software of Full10 Poker to play online poker?

The WPN software is very functional and has all the characteristics needed to do multitabling. We tried up to 6 tables (due to our small 13" screen) and experienced none lag of delay.

Can I use Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker in Full10 Poker?

An excellent news for our grinders! Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker are totally functional at Full10 Poker, you can use HUD and the best of all, without any additional software.

How can I deposit and cashout from Full10 Poker?

All the deposits and withdrawals are handled by our manager using all the traditional methods: Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin. No matter where you live, you will have no problems to deposit in Full10 Poker. The deposits are processed within few hours as the cashouts.

Are there many regulars at Full10 Poker?

Full10 Poker shares traffic with WPN network, being this a guarantee of available tables 24/7. In this tables you can find any type of players, including USA fish, but also regulars attracted mainly by the VIP program of the poker room.

It is free to play in Full10 Poker?

Good news! Sticking to our philosophy, WorldPokerDeals charge nothing for deposits, cashouts or account creation. All you need to do is play and we will take care of the rest. Playing in Full10 Poker is absolutely free.

I want to play in Full10 Poker! How can I create an account?

If you want to play in Full10 Poker, please contact our manager in Skype, he will quickly help in account creation and processing your deposit in record time.

We hope this deep review will be very useful for our online poker players thinking in adding a new poker room to its portfolio.


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 06.11.17
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