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Definitive guide to play in the Asian Poker Apps

The WorldPokerDeals Definitive Guide to play in the Asian Poker Apps! - Say YES to the new online poker boom with the Rockstar Affiliates!

Definitive guide to play in the Asian Poker Apps

Introduction to the new Asian Poker Apps

The Asian Poker Apps are the new online poker boom. Do you remember Chris Moneymaker and the WSOP? Hundreds of poker players saw him winning the WSOP Main Event with a minimum investment, and then those hundreds became thousands looking to do the same thing. Now, there is no Moneymaker, but some Chinese players found a cool way to play online poker from their countries, and thousands of Chinese and Asian poker players followed them. Just numbers, there are 324,289,210 habitants currently in the USA; a big country, right? If just 0,05% of the population is interested in online poker, that is 162.144 potential players. Bigger than PokerStars. Well, currently there are 1,369,811,000 habitants in China...you do the math, but is only one country with 4 times the population. Now you can see the potential of the Chinese and Asian poker world? This is really huge.

WorldPokerDeals has a commitment, and day by day we are working to fulfill it: become the best affiliate in the world; and now, with this revolution, we want to be the best affiliate offering Asian Poker Apps. This is not only offering the rooms. We are creating personal relationships with club owners; we have several deposits and withdrawal methods (Skrill, Neteller, BTC, ecoPayz). We have a very good team to support your needs, speaking Chinese, Russian, English, and Spanish. This is us. This is why WorldPokerDeals is currently known as one of the big names in the Asian poker market.

But, why should you trust in WorldPokerDeals? Well, let's say trust is something you create day by day over the time, and WorldPokerDeals is now a trusted company:

  • Currently, we have 20,000 online poker players playing with us that rake more than $2mio USD every month
  • More important, most of our players are actual professional poker players, including but not limited to ex PokerStars Team Pro Freddy "SirFreddy" Torres (his interview with WorldPokerDeals here!) or EPT winners like Sergey “PAlblCH” Chudopal. Also, we are a recommended affiliate from the PokerMaster HUD developer Hand2Note
  • If you are new to our team, please get in touch and we will give you a detailed presentation of us and our background and some more references if you need them.

In this article, we are going to resume all the best information we have created from our experience, several months by now, in the Asian Poker Apps. Here you are going to find out what are the Asian poker apps. How to create an account. How to configure a computer. How to get exclusive discounts. How to deposit and withdrawal from the Asian poker apps. All in one place. You just need to play, we do the rest.

Last update - 02/08/2018

Entry Level - Asian Poker Apps

Complete FAQ to Asian Mobile Platforms

Comprehensive PokerMaster FAQ - How to deposit and cashout and play from PC

Which Asian app to choose? Traffic, rake and games comparison - New Article

Chinese "Black Friday", or a lot of noise for nothing - New Article

Intermediate Level - Asian Poker Apps

How do we add New Asian Poker Apps to our portfolio

How to play in any Asian Poker App directly from your iPhone or iPad 

How to play in PokerMaster from a Mac OS Computer

Advanced Level - Asian Poker Apps

How to play on multiple tables at PokerMaster, 13Poker, PokerLords, PPPoker 

How to Download and setup a Momo emulator for PokerMaster and all the Asian Poker Apps  >> Replaced for How to download and install LDPlayer emulator for Asian poker apps

How to get discounts for specialized software - using HUD at PokerMaster

How to Setup an Android Emulator to play in the Chinese Mobile Platforms

How to download, install and configure Hand2Note and PokerPopUp HUD for PokerMaster

PPPoker HUD (hand converter) available for Worldpokerdeals players

Rake comparison in PokerMaster and major poker networks - New article!

All the Asian Poker Apps Reviews

PPPoker Detailed Review

PokerMaster Detailed Review

Thirteen Poker Detailed Review >> App migrated to Oh Poker

PokerLords Detailed Review >> App migrated to Poker Kingdom

Read - What happened to Thirteen Poker and PokerLords

PokerFishs Detailed Review >> App is not working

Superpoker Detailed Review  - New application!

Card Club Detailed Review  - New application!

PokerSpades Detailed Review  - New application!

Do you still have any questions regarding the whole new world of the Asian Poker Apps? Please contact our team to clarify it and start playing with best deals available!


Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Bonus Track!

Do you play online poker professionally? This article is for you; emotional status is very important for being a successful poker player. Emotional distress is a reality, and having the right tools to face it will only bring you benefits:

How not to get combusted while playing online poker

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