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Detailed analysis of Good Game Network in 2017

We have never admired GG network (Good Game Network). Currently, the situation seems to be changing for the better.

Detailed analysis of Good Game Network in 2017

GG network doesn't have perfect reputation. But after the recent addition of 888's former largest Russian-language skin, Lotos Poker, things have begun to improve for GG. There are improvements in all positions: players get competitive deals, convenient system of deposit/withdrawal and adequate support from the network's rooms; affiliates have received deals where rake isn't stolen and fee is paid on time; the pool of players is growing thanks to the powerful advertising in various markets; the rake has declined, and according to the network's assurance security has strengthened significantly.

Nevertheless, firstly we haven't recommend playing at GG to a broad range of players, as we didn't have any clear statistics, and it's not worth to believe a word in such a case. Now we have a large selection, both for active players and for the ratio of winnings/losses which doesn't look suspicious. WPD players have already won more than $30k in total which is quite normal giving the total distance and the number of players who weren't afraid to try their hand at Asian gambling.

So now we can advise GG network to the clients with a great confidence, even as the main one, if only they are ready for a mediocre (but stable) software of skins and unknown network prospects. Neither we nor anyone else have all the information about them.

So, let's come closer to the point. Each skin offers players 35% of fixed rakeback but there are some differences between them. There are brief summaries of all the partner skins of the network below.


The most serious brand in GG network - more trust in the issue of large amounts safety.

The New Year promotion-race is still valid, it brings up to 15% of value in addition to the standard 35%.

Lotos is a new skin, and it means that there is a perspective of more different promotions to attract major players.


This is a very famous brand in Asia but few people know about it outside Asia.

Natural8 conducts its own promo, they are mostly tournament. It also appreciates creative promos, for example prizes for streamers.

It's relatively old skin of the network, so it has fewer problems in the work.


The room positions itself as the most player-oriented.

It includes almost all the promotions of the network.

It has a team of ambassadors - professional players are not only promoting the room but also supporting players.

Good Game of 2017 has few relatively serious disadvantages:

There are no heads-up and 9 max. It is indecorous.

Fortune Spins (Spin&Go analogues) are implemented poorly (in half of cases just cards/chips are dropped instead of multipliers, you can take bonuses collecting the right amount of them).

A frank regular bum hunting is punished with a ban but without confiscation of funds.

Plus, you'll happen to play with a fish rarely due to absence of heads-up tables.

Any additional software is forbidden.

And finally, recall that we go adequately with Good Game Network. But it's impossible to ignore the facts - good traffic, positive winrates and normal operation of all services.

Lotos Poker and PPiPoker seem the best offers for cash and S&G (spin-n-go) players from Worldpokerdeals. The biggest value for MTT players is likely to be on Natural8.


Details and support of deals:

at PPIPoker and Lotos Poker: Timofey`s skype,

at Natural8: Matvey`s skype.

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