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Doug Polk suspends campaign to remove Carolyn Goodman

Author: Vargoso Published: 02.07.20

Former professional poker player Doug Polk formed a committee to recall Las Vegas Mayor. Two months later, the campaign was suspended due to local laws and risks of Covid-19 outbreak.

Doug Polk suspends campaign to remove Carolyn Goodman

Doug Polk suspends campaign to recall Carolyn Goodman

Two months ago, Doug Polk announced that a committee to recall the Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, was approved by the City Clerk after fulfilling legal requirements.

Since then, Polk and the committee have 90 days to get 6,745 signatures to submit a petition. 

Doug Polk Suspend Recall Effort

Today, 56 days later, Polk shared via his Twitter account that the campaign is being suspended for several reasons:

  1. Collecting the required signatures via mail isn't legal;
  2. Covid-19 cases are spiking in Las Vegas, increasing the risk of getting the signatures;
  3. The logistics costs are "astronomical."

The last update on the official Twitter account of the recall was made on 14/05/202, and right now, the account has only 333 followers. The website launched now displays only Polk's statement. 

The YouTube video uploaded by Polk (his main communication channel) got about 1,000 comments, many of which predict the failure of the recall.

On June 24 the local newspaper Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that Polk and the committee had not collected a single signature and received $0 money.

Although Polk states he had to suspend the campaign due to legal issues and the risks of the pandemic, most likely, the movement never became popular among citizens of Las Vegas. The reasons to recall the Mayor were only the erratic answers of Goodman in an interview, a problem moe in form than substance.

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