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Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu: $268,031 lead after 1,006 hands

Author: Vargoso Published: 10.11.20

The challenge of the year: Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu is being played online at WSOP.com. Until today, both pros have played three sessions (one live and two online), and the overall result shows a massive lead from Polk.

Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu: $268,031 lead after 1,006 hands

Doug Polk is defeating Daniel Negreanu

1,006 hands have been played on the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu challenge. Recall that the first session was a friendly live match between the two pros, and the rest of the hands will be across the Internet. Each player shared his setup to play, which includes cameras to monitor any Real-Time Assistance use (RTA)

After three sessions and 1,006 hands played of the Polk vs. Negreanu challenge, Doug is crushing Negreanu for $268,031, roughly 7 buy-ins.

Session Hands Result Winner
1 200 $115,600 Daniel Negreanu
2 424 $216,292 Doug Polk
3 382 $166,239 Doug Polk

At the end of the last session, Doug was sitting with 161k at one table and 146k at the other. The betting community punishes Negreanu for his bad results, and now the odds are 9.30 for him and only 1.07 for Doug.

His game does have some issues: Doug Polk

After the session, each player shared his view on social networks. Doug Polk said that the current results are completely normal in heads-up high stakes games, and he will only refer to Negreanu's game after the match, although he pointed out that he spotted some issues.

Doug Polk Challenge on Twitter

On the other hand, Daniel Negreanu barely refers to the challenge on his social networks; he only said that they have only played 4% of the entire match.

Daniel Negreanu challenge on Twitter

After the last session, the High Stakes Feud team interviewed Negreanu, and he only appointed that he felt good with his game and that he had some unfortunate sports. 

Exciting hands:

  • In a 4-bet pot, both players went all-in in the river for 90k showing Q9 (Negreanu, two pairs) vs. 9T (Polk, one pair) in a board 7J9Q4.
  • With 20k in the pot from the flop, Doug check-raised in the turn and won 34k after Negreanu folded.
  • In a board 432K, Daniel overbets twice the pot, and both pros checked on the river (another 4). Doug was trying to trap Negreanu with a four, and he confessed he had a top pair from the flop.
  • $135k were at the center of the table after both players went all-in in the river in a board K7385. Doug beat Negreanu with K7 against K5 (two pairs each).
  • Polk won over 30k in a board 59A2T with KJ high against a K4 from Negreanu, who failed a flush draw.

Video of the last session:

The next session will be on Wednesday at 2:30 pm PST and will be streamed live (without hole cards) by GGPoker and Doug Polk / Upswing Poker.

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