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Download and setup Momo emulator for Pokermaster and PokerLords

Hello guys! Day by day, the Asian poker boom is growing and lots of poker players became interested in playing in the Chinese poker apps like PokerMaster, PokerLords or PokerFishs. Today, we are writing this step by step manual to download and setup the Android emulator to play directly from your PC:

Download and setup Momo emulator for Pokermaster and PokerLords

PokerMaster, PokerLords and PokerFishs are cellphone applications only available in iOS and Android. But, experienced affiliates like WorldPokerDeals have tested successfully this method to play in the Chinese poker apps in your PC.

1. Download the Momo application from his website http://www.ldmnq.com/   


2. Start the installation process and choose a folder installation if you want:



3. You will see this when the installation process is finished:


4. Start the Momo application form the shortcut created in desktop


5. Change the Momo language from Chinese to English



6. Download the APK file required for PokerMaster, PokerLords or PokerFish from these links:




7. Install the APK file in Momo:



8. You will see the PokerMaster, PokerLords or PokerFishs icon in the application:


Important notes to play from your PC in PokerMaster, PokerLords or PokerFish

  • You will need a very good PC to play in several tables. We recommend a minimum of 16 GB of RAM memory and i5 or better CPU
  • In the Settings menu of Momo, you can change parameters like RAM memory and CPU to increase performance
  • You will need an image (Momo emulator) for each table you want to play. You can create as many images needed following the same steps.
  • If you have any doubts, please reach us at Skype


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 29.12.17
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