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Easy 5 steps to start using bitcoins to play casino and poker

Bitcoins for online gambling

Easy 5 steps to start using bitcoins to play casino and poker

For the last few years Bitcoins have gained  their popularity, and their using could make a revolution in the sphere of online gambling. Just think, when use Bitcoins you are completely anonymous, you are completely protected from regulators. No one can keep track of how and where you have spent your bitcoins. All national regulating gambling commissions will be separated from you. That is why it is profitable to use Bitcoin for online casinos and online poker - you are always anonymous, mobile and not limited in the choice of place to play.

Well, but where one can get Bitcoin to play in online casino or online poker? You have several options:

1. To buy Bitcoins

2. To produce goods and services for Bitcoins

3. To use the services of Bitcoin exchangers

4. To use the services of Bitcoin exchange markets

5. To mine by yourself

To buy Bitcoins

This is the easiest, but the most insecure way to get Bitcoins. Of course, if you have a reliable person who are guaranteed not to deceive you, you can try this way, but any other case it would be better to look for the other way.

Bitcoins in exchange for services

This is a good way to improve your skills in some area and get some Bitcoins simultaneously. But not everyone will like this way, besides many people get paid for their skills and it will be extremely problematic to receive Bitcoins.

Bitcoin exchangers

This is a relatively safe method of getting Bitcoins. However, even here there is a risk, please exchange only on well-known and popular platforms. Here are some of them.


It's not quite the exchanger. More precisely - it's not just Bitcoin exchanger. Bitpay specializes in Bitcoin payments processing and is one of the largest operators of cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2011 but already has a solid relationships with such brands as PayPal and Microsoft.

Fiat currency (ie money, the nominal value of which is set and guaranteed by the state): USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, MXN, NZD,

Cryptocurrencies: BTC

Fees: 0%



Fiat currency: USD

Cryptocurrencies: BTC

Fees: when achieve a turnover of $1 million - 0%. After this, 1% of commission for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency in Fiat.




It is a reputed company with wide functional of capabilities. It works with a variety of credit cards (VISA/MasterCard) and payment systems.

Fiat currencies: RUR, UAH, USD, EUR, over 100 payment systems

Cryptocurrencies: BTC

Fees: Exchange 2%; International 0%, 0.95% for receiving.





It is a reliable company, however, it has high rates on exchange and service. In addition, there is a significant difference between the courses online and real.

Fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, RON, AUD, ZAR; Payment systems and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, OkPay, SWIFT, Paxum

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, NMC, PPC

Fees: 1.5%



Bitcoin exchange market

Many people confuse the exchange market and the exchanger. Indeed, some operators offer both the exchange market and the exchanger, but the exchange market are suit greater for those who want not just to buy but to trade (reasonable) and to capitalize on this. One of the problems of exchange markets is that they are often hacked and it has a negative impact on the price of BTC.




It is the largest exchange market. The daily exchange market turnover is about 60,000 BTC. The platform meets all the requirements of regulators and is absolutely legal. Bitfinex also has the widest functional of capabilities for trading.

Fiat currencies: USD

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC

Fees: 0.15% (the higher the activity, the lower the percentage).



This is one of the largest stock exchanges. The daily exchange turnover is about 10,000 BTC. It is also the largest Russian-language exchange market.

Fiat currencies: RUB, EUR, USD

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, DOGE

Fees: 0.2%, pairs USD / RUR: 0,5%.




It is one of the oldest and reputable exchange markets of Bitcoins. However, in 2014 Bitstamp along with the other exchange market Mt.Gox have been hacked. But while Mt.Gox hasn't managed to recover after stealing 650,000 Bitcoins, after the attack on Bitstamp (they have managed to avoid loss of funds), the company has upgraded its security system seriously. The daily exchange market turnover is about 15,300 BTC.

Fiat currencies: USD, EUR

Cryptocurrencies: BTC

Fees: from 0.5% to 0.15%



It was founded in 2011. The company meets all the requirements of the US financial regulators. The daily exchange market turnover is about 6000 BTC. It offers an alternative exchanging symbol - XBT.

Fiat currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, NMC, NSP, XDG, XVN

Fees: 0.2%, and it decreases as the trader's activity



Cubits is a multifunctional platform for buying, selling, storing and exchanging of Bitcoins. Despite the fact that the company was established in 2014, at the moment it is considered to be the fastest growing one in the segment.



Cryptocurrencies: BTC

Fees: 0.9%


Also, the Chinese Bitcoin exchange markets should be mentioned. Their volume several times greater than in the European markets. About 80% of the exchange turnover of all Bitcoins is taken place there. But due to the closed and unique system of activity calculating, the data could diverge from the reality.



It is China's largest market. The daily exchange market turnover is about from 120,000 to 200,000 BTC.

Fiat currencies: CNY

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC

Fees: 0.3%




This exchange market is also focused on the international market. In 2014 BitYes platform that trades BTC and LTC for US dollars was launched. BitYes volume is just 2,000 BTC, while the volume of Huobi is 90,000 BTC.

Fiat currencies: CNY; USD (independent service)

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC

Fees: 0%





This exchange market is in the second place in the volume (100 000 - 180 000 BTC). Initially Okcoin was focused on the Chinese market. But over time, the opportunity to deposit in USD has appeared, although the activity of Okcoin hadn't been regulated in the USA.

Fiat currencies: CNY

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC

Fees: 0%


Finally we came to the most interesting point - independent mining BTC. This method is relatively free and the most convenient (though it takes a lot of time). Usual the first Bitcoin can be obtained within 3 months of hard work. In addition, the first Bitcoin is the most difficult. Be aware of dependency between your facilities and the complexity of the issue. If you want to increase the power of your computer system, this will lead to the increasing of complexity of the issue. Conversely, the lower the power of your computer, the easier tasks.

The most obvious way to start working is to go on the site bitcoin.org and download the client.

On the website click "Get started with Bitcoin".

Then click "select your wallet."


Let's consider some points here. Bitcoin Core is certainly more professional choice. However, this will take you about 40 GB of free space, hard-working computer and you'll have to wait a few days for connecting the system. In general, it is quite cumbersome and slow way, however, the most popular one.

MultiBit is much easier and faster. The interface is simple and intuitive enough.

Another method. Go to blockchain.info and click "Wallet" in the upper right corner.

Click "Create a free bitcoin wallet." After that a standard registration takes place. Be responsible with the security of password and mail!

IMPORTANT! Save mnemonic phrase! This phrase mustn't be lost, because you couldn't restore the wallet without it in a case of password lost.

Next you will receive a letter with the activation code. Go to the link. ID will be a login for access to your Bitcoin wallet.

Pay attention on the words "This is your Bitcoin-address". These symbols will be looked such as -1348TqfjYVBl4897603kjjhBWLb23ddfghIUD121. In fact - this is the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

Once you get your first Bitcoin, you can easily use it to play at online casinos or online poker rooms that accept Bitcoins.

By the way, playing in such online casinos or online poker rooms is a good way to increase Bitcoins mining of which takes a lot of time, efforts and money. Remember, Bitcoin itself has value, so gambling with Bitcoins can be not only fun, but also financially beneficial.


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