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EV.BB or life? How to survive in online poker 2017

Author: stanidmitrievich Published: 04.12.16

It's no secret that every month it becomes more difficult to play and win: the conditions are cut, fans became less and countries seek to restrict the outflow of money through the casino creating local reservations.

EV.BB or life? How to survive in online poker 2017

The game on Poker Stars has almost lost its sense in such circumstances (with the exception of some unique subjects) due to the high rake, impaired VIP program, and big competition. As for European networks, here competition gains momentum as a result of reforms in Grand poker rooms.

Among the major poker rooms, Ignition Poker (formerly Bodog) and Lianzhong Pokermonster will be the best rooms for play in 2017. Those who want to play in the best compositions and not to start the session with the opening of 10 clients, should focus on one of these variants. Pokermonstr is available for all countries, and if you want to play on Ignition Poker (or its Chinese skin Bodog88) you will have to consider moving to the United States or China, respectively. And, though a few years ago it would have sounded crazy, now players have to adapt to the game to continue winning at the level of $5-20k per month.

Be warned that Ignition and Bodog have very advanced software; it can fix managing the system both remotely and VPN, as well as any inorganic surroundings in the system. We recommend not to engage in "technology" with this room.

As for the Asian network Good Game which currently experiences a rebirth, it is difficult to make forecasts. On the one hand, operators begin to appear in the network investing serious money in the creation of a quality product (Natural8 which has migrated to Lotos Poker). On the other hand - the network hasn't brilliant reputation, and some time should pass before players would finally understand whether it is worth their attention.

There are pleasant moments at the end of 2016. Good and reliable proven two Indian rooms - PokerBaazi and Spartan have recommended themselves as good and reliable rooms, as well as the Middle East Poker666 and Argentine Bluffonline. All four rooms are small and have very fishy cash games in PLO (Indian) and NLH (the last two). There quite a lot of action up to the highest limits, taking into account the locality of pools, withdrawals come quickly. I would recommend all cash players to add these poker rooms to their loading list, not to lose the weakest compositions.

Now Italian rooms (with the exception of PlanetWin365 which is not a reservation) are only available through VPN, and, in my opinion, it is more good than bad. Firstly, it has made a significant percentage of regulars who were not ready to combine the play in the Italian rooms with other networks to leave. Secondly, as we known, the more complicated access to the field, the smaller the competition in it. Draw your own conclusions, and if you need help, we offer you 3 months of VPN free, complete customization of the virtual system and any of technical support, so that you would be able to combine games in Italy with .COM networks conveniently. Moreover, you can play on Poker666, Bluffonline, Spartan and all Bitcoin-rooms with the Italian ip.

There are no significant changes in workshop of Bitcoin-rooms. BetOnline is a leader, and if you haven't played there yet, it is probably in vain. There are stable payments, HU-tables, and good bumhunt.

As for American rooms, after many problems with the software upgrade, Chico network finally came on the production capacities, where the influx of fans took place once again. We are working directly with three skins of the network - Tigergaming, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, each of them participates in our race with $40,000. Prizes are paid separately from your private deals, which increases the EV of serious grinders significantly.

Speaking of racing, if you play in one of European networks - Party, MPN, iPN - they are also involved in rake race. Join, each of them also has a private race and bonuses to maximize value.

Players of nl20-nl100 limits should pay attention to the "forgotten" and small rooms where they can fill their bankrolls without bruises and abrasions. I refer to this category Vbet, Wwin, PokerDomTonybet, and Intertops room which belongs to the Cake Network and is the only room which has a stable cash register.

Players in the Chinese OFC should pay attention to Pokermonster, where our customers win in a long-term perspective significantly, and Cristal Poker - a new room in the new Tonybet network, where games up to 10 euros for the jackpot are played regularly and where we can offer unique terms.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that soon we'll begin to provide our VIP-players with mining for virtually all limits in all major poker networks. We hope that in 2017 along with other offers it will help you to make your play not only profitable but comfortable.

We try to make you comfortable with us.

Rodion Longa, leader


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