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Everything you need to know about WPT Online Series 2021 at partypoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 07.05.21

The kick-off of the WPT Online Series 2021 has been postponed to mid-May 2021. A week before the start, neither its full guarantee nor the schedule is yet known. What other surprises are Rob Yong and company preparing for the players?

Everything you need to know about WPT Online Series 2021 at partypoker

New dates

For the second time in history, partypoker had to postpone a major tournament series.

The start of the WPT Online Series 2021 was postponed for two weeks and is now scheduled for May 14.

This was recently announced on Twitter by Rob Yong, after which such information was posted on the partypoker website.

Rob Yong confirms change of WPT Online dates

By the way, another news was the announcement of the imminent change of nicknames by all the players of the room. The Briton noted in the comments that he considers it a good idea to do this once a year, giving players up to 90 days to make such a decision.

Why was the series postponed?

In the WPT World Online Championships in 2020, this development was dictated by the need to separate it in time from the WSOP Online Main Event. Now, the reasons for this decision were not announced, and we can only guess about them.

Yes, this May turned out to be very busy with tournament series, but by the 14th — the May Poker Series (MPS) will be close to completion, while the PKO Online Super Series and the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series will run until May 24 and 30, respectively. Another factor is: by this time, the winner of The Venom PKO $5M will already be known.

The postponement of the WPT Online Series 2021 was made not due to competitors' festivals but for some other reason.

Schedule and guarantees

After partypoker switched to a new format series in late 2020 (the first was the Monster Series) — with fewer events compared to previous years but a higher amount of guarantees, players noticed another trend.

The overall guarantee of festivals was no longer announced (the emphasis was on the Main Event), and the schedule appeared in the lobby gradually, and its full version could be found on the first day or even later.

WPT Online Series 2021 was no exception. A week before the start, players only know that the total number of events will be more than 26 (most likely up to 30), and the total guarantee will probably exceed the 10 million mark.

So far, only the schedule of multi-day events (guaranteeing almost $7,000,000) is known:

Date Time (CET) Event Buy-in
14-16 May 20:05 WPT #01 Mini Opener: $250K Gtd (2-Day Event, PKO) $109
14-16 May 20:05 WPT #01 Micro Opener: $50K Gtd (2-Day Event, PKO) $11
15-17 May 20:05 WPT #02 Mini Main Event: $500K Gtd (3-Day Event) $530
15-17 May 20:05 WPT #02 Micro Main Event: $150K Gtd (3-Day Event) $55
18-24 May 21:05 WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout $1M Gtd (2-Day Event, PKO) $530
17-24 May 21:05 WPT #09 Super50 Knockout $400K Gtd (3-Day Event, PKO) $55
17-24 May 21:05 WPT #10 Super5 Knockout $50K Gtd (3-Day Event, PKO) $5,50
23-31 May 20:05 WPT #20 Main Event: $3M Gtd (3-Day Event) $3,20
24-31 May 21:05 WPT #24 WPT500 $1M Gtd (2-Day Event) $530
24-31 May 21:05 WPT #25 Super50 Knockout $300K Gtd (3-Day Event) $55
24-31 May 21:05 WPT #26 Super5 $50K Gtd (3-Day Event) $5,50

Main Event

However, all information about the Main Event is public now. Day 1A kicks off on May 23:

WPT #20 Main Event:

  • Buy-in: $3,200
  • Guarantee: $3,000,000 (minimum 1,000 entries to cover the guarantee)
  • Two starting flights with initial stacks of 200BB and blinds growing every 25 minutes. 15% of participants qualify for Day 2.
  • Late registration period: 9 levels
  • The final table will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube

WPT Online Series 2021 Main Event

Step satellites are already available for this tournament (3-6 daily).

  1. $0.01 – 15 tickets for Phase 1.

  2. $3.30 – 15 entries for Phase 2.

  3. $33 – 15 tickets for the final phase.

  4. Sunday Final, 15 x $3,200 entries guaranteed.

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Will the management be able to "pull" the room to higher places in the world ranking once again? This year will show. 

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