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Fast-Fold Poker under the microscope: GG Poker Network vs. partypoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.10.19

Fast-Fold Poker is becoming one of the most exciting formats, both for players and poker rooms. That's why in 2019, two of the most important sites are struggling for leadership in having the best fast-fold poker offer; in this article, we analyze fast-fold poker tables on GG Poker Network and partypoker.

Fast-Fold Poker under the microscope: GG Poker Network vs. partypoker

Fast-fold poker: the latest successful poker format

PokerStars launched Zoom, its fast-fold poker format, in 2012, and it can be called the latest successful poker format launched for cash games players (similar to spins for SnG players). It became so popular that almost all major poker rooms decided to copy the format:

  • 888 Poker, Snap Poker
  • Microgaming Poker Network, Blaze Poker
  • iPoker Network, Speed Poker
  • partypoker, fastforward
  • GG Poker Network, Rush & Cash

The concept was to have tables with permanent action by moving players to a new table each hand and allowing them to dismiss a hand before the player's turn. The number of hands played per hour increase dramatically using this format as each click is followed by another one immediately without waiting for the end of hands when the player folded.

In 2019, besides PokerStars (which was recently acquired by Flutter Entertainment), the battle to be the king of fast-fold poker involves GG Poker Network (Rush & Cash) and partypoker (fastforward).

Rush & Cash vs. fastforward: common features

Before the last maintenance of GG Poker Network (1st October 2019), Rush & Cash tables had an unusual blind structure with antes that made it difficult to make a comparison; but now, Rush & Cash "evolved" to a more traditional format, which includes the following common features with fastforward:

  • No HUD support;
  • High rakeback;
  • Race races ($100,000 weekly race and fastforward leaderboards).

Rush & Cash vs. fastforward: main differences

Although the concept of fast-fold poker is almost the same on all poker networks, it is in the small differences where the real value of each site lies; for GG Poker Network and partypoker we have:

  • Stakes;
  • Rake structure and rakeback deals;
  • Traffic;
  • The maximum number of tables per stake:
    • GG Poker Network: 4
    • partypoker: 9


partypoker not only offers more stakes but also features action in Omaha. Considering only NLH and stakes with at least 30 connections (a threshold for a comfortable session), we can resume Rush & Cash and fastforward stakes as follows:

GG Poker partypoker
NL10 NL10
NL50 NL50

Rake structure and rakeback deals:

  • Rush & Cash: 6,25% rake;
  • fastforward: 5% rake;
  • Rake caps as follows:
    • Rush & Cash:

      • NL2$ – $0,4
      • NL10$ – $1,5
      • NL50$ – $5
      • NL200$ – $10
    • Fastforward:

      • NL2$-NL10$ – $1
      • NL25$+ – $3

We only compare the loyalty programs of Rush & Cash and fastforward to count rakeback, as the rake races depend exclusively on individual grinding skills, and also, at partypoker due to the combination of several stakes in the same leaderboard.

The partypoker VIP program offers 20% to 40% weekly rakeback. No strings attached. It's very simple, and, on top of that, grinders receive a private rakeback deal from us.

GG Poker Network uses a more complex rakeback program: a 65% rakeback is promoted, but this percentage can change from player to player. This is because 65% is the total rakeback granted to all Rush & Cash players and not to each player, meaning that a particular player can receive less than 65%, and another player can win more.

50% of the total rakeback awarded at Rush & Cash tables came from Cash Drops, money that falls randomly on the tables. And only 15% of the rake is counted for Fish Buffet, which also has an active random component.

As a result, considering the Cash Drops and Fish Buffet rakeback, the real return for players couldn't exceed 20%. Of course, our private rakeback deal aims to fix this problem.

In conclusion, in terms of a fixed rakeback, it's more profitable to play fastforward at partypoker. At Rush & Cash tables, if you're not aiming for the top spots in the rake race, your primary concern should be to exploit weak players at the tables.

Rush & Cash and fastforward traffic:

The new rake races boosted fast-fold poker traffic in both poker rooms, as many players were attracted for the possibility of getting big rewards:

Rush & Cash

Stake 9:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 23:00
NL2 182 244 233 216 240 209 242 254
NL10 99 134 210 203 207 220 224 162
NL50 117 145 174 175 216 202 177 176
NL200 28 61 65 72 104 83 96 73


Stake 9:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 23:00
NL2 154 152 164 186 344 233 253 227
NL5 15 40 80 68 158 100 92 124
NL10 58 66 116 150 153 172 171 158
NL25 50 60 75 58 108 71 92 112
NL50 45 48 44 105 116 92 76 124
NL100 33 37 38 47 68 43 78 57

These numbers probe that GG Poker Network is winning the race for fast poker traffic. From NL10 up to NL50, GG has 30%–40% more traffic, and for example, at NL200, which in partypoker features only 25-27 connections, GG Poker shows about twice the number of players.


GG Poker Network and partypoker are currently the best online poker rooms to play fast poker. On both sites, players get:

  • On top of the regular VIP programs, the opportunity to compete for higher prices in rake races;
  • 24/7 action from NL2 to NL200;
  • Private rakeback deals from Worldpokerdeals;

The main difference between Rush & Cash and fastforward (if you reach the top of the rake races) comes down to the game strategy:

  • As partypoker allows to join up to 9 tables per stake, players can choose to grind for rakeback or try a more thoughtful game against weak and nit villains;
  • For almost all GG Poker players, the only option available is the second one, due to a higher rake and a random VIP program, which only compensates for the 6,25% rake structure.

To get a private rakeback deal on any skin of GG Poker Network or partypoker/bwin.poker, please contact our team:

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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