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First WSOP Online 2020 events postponed due to technical issues

On July 19, 2020, Day 2 of the first two WSOP Online tournaments started, but could not finish due to a "critical bug" on GGNetwork servers. What happened and will be the fate of the two events? We will check in this article.

First WSOP Online 2020 events postponed due to technical issues

What happened on GGNetwork?

On the night of July 19, 2020, the WSOP Online Bracelet Event #32: $100 The Opener set a record for the number of entries in a single WSOP tournament (29,306), and as soon as the registration period ended, all tournaments in the network were suspended due to massive technical problems as reported by the players.

After four hours, GGNetwork stated that these problems were critical and that the games should stop. Tournaments and cash tables were fixed a few hours later. The reason for this situation was called "an overwhelming number of players joining The Opener and other side events."

GG WSOP Server problems

These measures (increasing the server capacity) didn't help much since users could only return the tables hours after this message.

It is worth noting that in the last WSOP Super Circuit Online Series held in May 2020 also at GGPoker, such problems didn't arise.

WSOP Online Bracelet events postponed

Such server crashes on Sunday are not new to GGNetwork or other top sites. But this time, it was at the start of the long-awaited WSOP Online, and naturally many players find this unacceptable. Surely, they were shocked that the network did not anticipate the influx of players on that day. 

Some technicians have pointed out that the problem was not related to server capacity, but to other reasons, but most likely this will remain the official reason for the crash.

Daniel Negreanu, ambassador of the room, released a short video apologizing on behalf of GGPoker and acknowledging the players' pain.

After the controversy, what will happen to the first two tournaments in the series?

GGPoker WSOP Online Postponed

GGPoker stated that both events (WSOP #32 and #33) will restart next Sunday, and players will get the same current stack. On July 26, there will be three more bracelet events, so the server load won't be exactly less.

Compensation for players and rescheduled tournaments

GGPoker Compensation WSOP Online

Only The Opener players will get a compensation for the tournament postponement:

  1. WSOP #32: the remaining 3,684 players will get $100 tournament dollars;
  2. WSOP #33: the amount raised for charity — $177,378, will double.

Participants in all other tournaments will receive compensation according to the network's standard rules, considering ICM and stacks.

Next Sunday, GGNetwork will face a big test for its reputation, as it will affect WSOP Online and the possibility to host prestigious events in the future.

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