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Fish Party Birthday Bonanza at Microgaming Poker Network

This summer marks three years since Microgaming launched its spins — Fish Party. To commemorate it, the network is hosting the Fish Party Birthday Bonanza, a promotion with jackpots and freerolls to all players. Read our article to find out how Microgaming is doing the homework this year to get back to the TOP-10 of online poker networks.

Fish Party Birthday Bonanza at Microgaming Poker Network

Microgaming network in 2019

MPN is slowly becoming one of the best poker networks to play in 2019. We have covered its development this year:

Although the network suffered because of the closure of RedKings a few months ago, the traffic has not fallen and with new promotions like the Fish Party Birthday Bonanza or the hand history files move, is attracting both regs and amateur to the tables.

Fish Party Birthday Bonanza

From July 1st to 21st, the spin players at MPN will have a chance to win a piece of an extra jackpot. The Fish Party Birthday Bonanza jackpot starts with €5,000, and it will grow €1,000 each day if the prize has not been won, and when that happens, it will return to €5,000. The only requirement to participate in the promotion is to pay at least €5 in Fish Party buy-ins. The Jackpot is limited to €25,000, and it can only be won once a day.

Each €5 paid in buy-ins equals one share of the Jackpot (capped to 100); therefore for playing €500 each day, a player will get 100 shares of the Jackpot.

Daily Freerolls

€10,000 in Fish Party tickets are GTD in freeroll tournaments during July; each day at 6 PM BST a €500 Fish Party event is scheduled, and if the players get a share of the Jackpot, a ticket to the daily freeroll will be issued.

  • 1st: €50
  • 2nd -6th: €20
  • 7th -16th: €10
  • 17th -46th: €5
  • 47th -146th: €1

Fishroller Freeroll

Another €1,000 in Fish Party tickets are guaranteed right after the Fish Party Birthday Bonanza ends. All players who play at least €500 in Fish Party buy-ins for at least ten days during the promotion will enter into the €1,000 Fishroller freeroll on July 24th; the tournament prize structure is the following one:

  • 1st – €600: 8 x €50, 10 x €20
  • 2nd – €250: 3 x €50, 5 x €20
  • 3rd – €150: 1 x €50, 5 x €20

Shortly about Fish Party features

As we said before, MPN is going after the partypoker refugees, and Fish Party is one of the most exciting games of the network; the only disadvantage is the traffic, a reg may have to mix with other rooms; but, as the network is actively attracting Asian players, the games can be softer than ever.

  • A low rake of 5,85% at all stakes; compared to iPoker and partypoker, only the last at the $50 stake offers a better rake structure;
  • HUDs are compatible with the Classic client (currently is being phased out).
Buy-in x2 x4 x6 x10 x25 x50 x100 Jackpot
€ 1 699,745 (€2) 250,000 (€4) 40,000 (€6) 7,000 (€10) 3,000(€25) 200 €50) 50 (€100) 5
€ 5 699,745(€10) 250,000 (€20) 40,000 (€30) 7,000 (€50) 3,000 (€125) 200 (€250) 50($€500) 5
€ 10 699,745(€20) 250,000(€40) 40,000 (€60) 7,000 (€100) 3,000 (€250) 200(€500) 50 (€1,000) 5
€ 20 699,745 (€40) 250,000 (€80) 40,000(€120) 7,000 (€200) 3,000(€500 200 (€1,000) 50 (€2,000) 5
€ 50 699,745(€100) 250,000(€200) 40,000 (€300) 7,000 (€500) 3,000(€1,250) 200 (€2,500) 50 (€5,000) 5

Please contact our manager Anton to get more detailed information about exclusive offers at MPN.

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