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Five reasons why to play in poker reservations

Unlicensed sites have their advantages and disadvantages. As a ruler, there are not a lot information about them. Very often players are subjects to various stereotypes regarding the play on these sites. However, WorldPokerDeals has at least five reasons why you must try your hand at closed poker reservations!

Five reasons why to play in poker reservations



Reason №1. Regulation may not even to happen at all

At least for eight years there have been talk about necessity to regulate online poker. Moreover, people talked about it not only in Europe but also throughout the world. Somewhere it has managed to do that, and somewhere there are still debates on this subject.
If we turn to the experience of the USA, we can see how a number of states have been waiting and preparing for legalization, but for whatever reason, it hadn't take place. This is not a problem if poker just a hobby for you. Otherwise, waiting for the full legalization is a wasting of precious time.

Reason №2. Legalization is not always good

Reason №2 is a logical consequence of the reason №1. Let us remember the clearest example: the return of PokerStars to the United States. How many efforts PokerStars have made to say once again: "We're back!". Yes, they came back, but only to the state of New Jersey. And at the moment we can say without doubts that nothing has changed a year later: the number of ring-game players is around 100. Moreover, this number had been around 100 before joining PokerStars in NJ, and it has left the same. But how much efforts have been wasted: fines were paid, some top-managers were fired, gray markets were left... and all that was done only for 100 people at micro-stakes cash games?
Practice shows that when the government starts to regulate something, then everyone suffers, even the state itself. And given the fact that many countries still have not been able to distinguish poker and gambling, we shouldn't expect the adequate regulation of the industry. In general, experienced poker player knows the simple truth - if your state does not touch you there is no need to call it.

Reason №3. Play at licensed sites is the illusion of security

Full Tilt Poker, UB, Absolute Poker, Lock Poker, Pitbull Poker, PokerSpot, Purple Lounge, True Poker, WSEX - do you know what unites all of these poker rooms? They've all been legal one time, but have closed with the players money. Forever. There were licenses, respected Ambassadors, advertisement on TV, and then at one point everything has disappeared. So when you would be told that playing in unlicensed and closed networks is unreliable, ask them how to make a withdrawal from the rooms listed above?

Reason №4. Prejudices interfere you 

Currently, we have put on the stream the  organizational issue related to the finding of the best compositions to control rooms and our guarantee of honesty, we solve all the organizational issues, so you can concentrate on your game. In fact, if you ask yourself, "why am I still do not play, for example, with Chinese or Middle East fishes?" - all your arguments would not be sufficiently mature, and often far-fetched at all. As you can see the presence or absence of licenses, advertising and wide popularity of brand don't guarantee anything. All that prevent you to play in the best compositions is prejudices and laziness.

Reason №5. Less costs

We would not go into the comparative point of VIP-systems and rakeback in legal and private networks, but there is a caveat. Problems of high tax burden lie heavy on the players who often have to play with a cut down VIP-program and an increased rake because state tax is also included there. Of course, there are cases when it is worth to suffer, but often these troubles is another one reminder of the fact that the world still has a number of great poker rooms.

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