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Free BTC / ETH / ICO-projects trading school / Investmets / Market analytics / Poker players welcome!

Great news, regs! We are super excited to invite our players to the private trading conference and school "Church Of Poloniex Order" for BTC/ ETH players, ICO-project investors where everyone can exchange knowledge, learn trading strategies from our tutors for free, study specifics of cryptocurrencies market and start making money together with our team.

Free BTC / ETH / ICO-projects trading school / Investmets / Market analytics / Poker players welcome!

We will push our best to make a productive environment with a schedule of classes covering different topics: from newbie first steps to advanced market tricks and insights.

I am pretty sure you know that BTC markets today is somewhat similar to what happened in the golden era of online poker. Well, looking at the profis of our fellow traders, we don't want to overexcite you but quite realistically you wil be able to make 200-300% ROI per month without much of the rocket science but some learning skills and a little patience.

Nowadays markets are full of HYIPS, scams and other trash projects that still manage to attract big investments and disappear right after being funded. So making purchases without discussing it with other traders in our team is usually a too risky business.

On the other hand BTC niche is still young and some decent locking projects with professinal developers team are crowdfunded (ICO) daily and bring huge profits to its buyers.

We will not charge you for lessons, and won't request any investments for our own projects. As for now knowledge is absolutely free. We would only need you to actively take part in discussions, do some researches and fall into the market and its big possibilities.

Next months I am going to focus on building a strong community that wil be well integrated into the market, share trust between its members and ready to form teams for development of new Blockchain / Smart Contract producs or even alt coins.

We are currenly making a schedule for upcoming weeks and going to hire some big guys for master classes, webinars and lectures.

All webinars, infos and lessons will be completely free for all our poker players. We strongly believe that we entered an era of professional communities that will bring some best hi-tech products, services and tools.

To be added to our convo, please send request to my Skype: rodion_longa and I will add you to the group; This will be English only group so no worries, our tutors are also gonna speak fluent English (unlike some of us hehe)

We hope that our comminity powered by our tutors and public classes will help all of us to faster understand specifics of decentralized systems and money flows.

Apart from exchanging knowledge the Skype group can be used for:

  • Currency flips with lower than market fees (later when we implement reputation amd vouches system)
  • Make new friends and professional connections for future startups we all can parttake
  • Mining tips, advices, GPU farms marketplace etc.
  • Using our guarant service for transfers and business agreements
  • No unnessesary flood
  • Questions that can be easily Googled should be asked there

Please read our rules list (going to be updated)

- no offence, no racism, no unadeqate behaviour, any attempt of scam will result in a ban.

Group will be moderated and we expect to form a powerful and productive community within 1-2 months.

To apply for a membership in our conferenct please contact me in Skype and I will add you to the group:

Skype: rodion_longa

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captainlonga 17.06.17
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