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Galfond Challenge: A match against Brandon Adams has started

Author: Vargoso Published: 27.07.21

The Galfond Challenge returns after a six-month pause. This time in an unusual format, Phil will face Brandon Adams, who is most known for his participation in high-stakes live events.

Galfond Challenge: A match against Brandon Adams has started

Galfond Challenge Live

The pause in the heads-up challenges that resulted from the early finish of the Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice match has ended tonight. After a six-month break, the Galfond Challenge returns.

So far, Phil Galfond is undefeated and has managed to defeat all his rivals:

  1. «VeniVidi1993» – €101,671.
  2. «ActionFreak» – €264,803.
  3. Daniel Cates (mini-challenge) – €86,870.
  4. Chance Kornuth – $976,500.
  5. Bill Perkins (still going) – $90,144.

The new Galfond Challenge match is going to take place in an interesting format. PLO is going to be played live in Las Vegas at one of the Resorts World Las Vegas for $100/$200. Its length is determined not by the number of hands played, but by time - the competitors agreed on 40 hours.

Phil Galfond vs. Brandon Adams

However, if Brandon Adams wins, the rematch will take place online right away. Outside of the United States, Phil's new adversary is more recognized for his $5,198,642 in live tournament profits. In Vegas, he is regarded as a successful cash game player and a Harvard University doctor.

First Session Results

Unfortunately, the game was not professionally recorded. Adams broadcasted it on Instagram, where an hour-long video was preserved; however, the cards are not visible enough, and the action is tough to follow. It's conceivable that Phil will publish a supplemental report on some of the hands. Meanwhile, he tweeted the following:

Phil Galfond on his challenge with Brandon Adams

We’ll, Farah Galfond asked me very nicely not to start this Galfond Challenge off by losing, but what fun would that be? 0  -$55k  +$10k  -$16k Down less than a buy-in. Could be worse. Back at it 11 am tomorrow.

Brandon was more accurate in summarizing the session's results. The profit, according to his data, was $15,700, or 78.5bb. Unfortunately, there is no information on how long the game lasted.

It's worth noting that another undefeated American player, Phil Hellmuth, will begin a new match tomorrow. As part of High Stakes Duel 3, he will compete against sports commentator and Poker After Dark competitor Nick Wright.

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