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Galfond Challenge: ActionFreak loses over €400k to Phil

Author: Vargoso Published: 03.05.20

The results of the first sessions of the match between Phil Galfond and ActionFreak proves how unpredictable high-stakes PLO games are. Galfond managed to win €432,972 from his rival in just two sessions!

Galfond Challenge: ActionFreak loses over €400k to Phil

Phil Galfond had the best day of the Galfond Challenge

The last time we wrote about the progress of the Galfond Challenge, we referred to Phil battling against two players at the same time: Bill Perkins and Action Freak. 

The match against Perkins can be longer due to the absence of a schedule, but against ActionFreak, the sessions are similar to VeniVidi1993.

The second game session between Phil and ActionFreak on April 18 was much longer than the first one (872 hands vs. 145), but if we consider the results, it was almost even: Galfond won only €3,663, just a few big blinds of the stakes they play.

But the next two days were exactly the opposite. Phil was able to set a personal record since the start of the Galfond Challenge:

During the 3rd session on April 30, Phil Galfond won €310,595 from ActionFreak after 844 hands.

Recall that even during the fantastic comeback against VeniVidi1993, when the host recovered more than 900 thousand euros, the best day fo Phil was €183k in profits.

The biggest pot during the last session was €99,104. You can check the highlights of this session in the following video:

On May 1, 2020, 665 additional hands were played, and as a result, Galfond booked another €100k win.

A total of 2,671 hands has been played of the planned 15,000, and the overall results are €416,442+ for Galfond. You can watch the best hands of the last session in the following video:

Mini Galfond Challenge with Daniel "Jungleman" Cates

Driven for such success (most likely), Galfond decided to diversify his challenge and this week announced a one-day mini version of the Galfond Challenge against Dan "Jungleman" Cates, which will be held on May 6:

Mini Galfond Challenge

Recall that Cates and Galfond belong to the same generation of poker players and that the first one was the winner of the first HU challenge in 2009 against Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Therefore, this duel with Phil will be more exciting for the viewers.

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