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Galfond Challenge: Adams surrenders, Cates is getting ready

Author: Vargoso Published: 25.08.21

The longest challenge of all time never ceases to amaze the fans. Brandon Adams surrendered to Phil, and Galfond scored the second early victory. They played only a third of the hands, and Adams lost $295,000. The next opponent, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates, is ready to jump into the ring.

Galfond Challenge: Adams surrenders, Cates is getting ready

Brandon Adams surrenders

The Galfond Challenge took another sharp turn: Phil's second opponent decided to surrender without playing the entire agreed hands. The first one was Chance Kornuth, although at least they played more than 25k hands. Chance loss over $700,000 to Galfond.

This time, one session after a long break became the last one:

Phil Galfond announces a new victory

"No Galfond Challenge stream today after all.

Brandon has decided to call it quits. I finished this challenge up roughly $270k."

Adams himself has not commented on his decision. Most likely, he was "knocked out" by the game's result in one evening — minus $150,000, and the total loss after the unsuccessful game in a brick and mortar casino was $395,000. Phil miscalculated $25k and got another $100k for the side bet.

This happened only after 2,900 out of the ten thousand planned.

*Highlights from the last Galfond Challenge session against Brandon Adams.

Is Daniel Cates ready?

Phil Galfond vs. Daniel Cates

However, most likely, we will not have to wait long for the continuation of the challenge. The last of the planned rivals — Daniel "Jungleman" Cates, recently joked as follows:

I decided to take on Phil Galfond because he just seems like such a nice guy, always nice and everything. He never does anything wrong, he never gets angry, but I see MR FALCONS for what he really is, and he needs someone to kick his ass, like me!

Curiously it happened on a podcast run by Adams. By the way, Cates is already familiar with losing to Galfond. In May 2020, Jungleman lost the mini-challenge after 754 hands.

Galfond reacted to this attack with only one phrase:

Phil Galfond loves Cates

Soon, both players will be able to show all their feelings for each other during the game. The main question is: "Will Dan be able to stop Phil Galfond"? 

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