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Galfond Challenge on hold due to deposit limits at WSOP.com

Author: Vargoso Published: 07.10.20

Phil Galfond is $280,000 ahead of Chance Kornuth in the third match of the Galfond Challenge. The games are currently on hold because Kornuth busted his account, and his deposit limit was exceeded.

Galfond Challenge on hold due to deposit limits at WSOP.com

Phil Galfond vs. Chance Kornuth: $280,000+ after 6,600 hands

Phil Galfond has played 6,600 hands against the Chip Leader Coaching founder, Chance Kornuth. After hitting two massive six-figure sessions, the RIO founder leads with a $280,000 profit:

Season Date Hands Result Winner
1 September 23 750 $-33.500 Kornuth
2 September 24 850 $45.000 Galfond
3 September 25 900 $67.000 Galfond
4 September 26 750 $-20.000 Kornuth
5 September 29 800 $43.500 Galfond
6 September 30 800 $-70.000 Kornuth
7 October 1 750 $117.000 Galfond
8 October 2 750 $28.000 Galfond
9 October 3 250 $103.000 Galfond

The challenge is currently on hold because Chance exceeded his deposit limit at WSOP.com. Currently, the maximum transactions are as follows, all capped at $300,000 monthly:

Payment processor Maximum/Day
eCheck $30.000
Credit Cards $5.000
PayPal $30.000
Cash at Cage (Caesars Palace, Harrah's Las Vegas) $100.000

On October 3, 2020, the last hand was played when Kornuth went all-in with an AA29 in a board 584 and lost against the flopped straight by Galfond's K756. Apparently after this, Chance's account was busted out. Galfond won $103k from Kornuth in just 250 hands that day.

Chance Kornuth deposit limit at WSOP.com

The situation remains until today, and Kornuth said that it will most likely be fixed next Friday.

Galfond vs. Kornuth day 8 highlights:

Although Galfond is currently ahead of the challenge by 14 buy-ins, anything can happen after they resume the game. Recall that the last matches were won in the very last hands.

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