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Galfond Challenge: Phil and Kornuth have played 30 sessions

Author: Vargoso Published: 23.11.20

The Galfond Challenge has come to a big break due to Thanksgiving, after reaching two significant milestones at once: 30 sessions played and 16,000 hands. So far, Chance Kornuth is $92,000 ahead of Phil Galfond (4.6 buy-ins).

Galfond Challenge: Phil and Kornuth have played 30 sessions

Phil Galfond: Best Session and Overall Loss

A month ago, after 13 sessions the Galfond Challenge was not going very well for its host. Phil was losing almost $200K after 7k hands. The subsequent confrontation between the two owners of poker schools took place according to the following scenario:

Session Winner Result Hands
14 (22 October) Chance Kornuth $99,000 500
15 (27 October) Phil Galfond $90,000 500
16 (28 October) Chance Kornuth $35,000 600
17 (3 November) Chance Kornuth $33,000 600
18 (4 November) Chance Kornuth $56,000 600
19 (5 November) Phil Galfond $45,000 550
20 (6 November) Phil Galfond $1,000 500
21 (10 November) Phil Galfond $36,000 500
22 (11 November) Chance Kornuth $49,000 550
23 (12 November) Phil Galfond $36,000 600
24 (13 November) Chance Kornuth $91,000 550
25 (14 November) Phil Galfond $123,000 550
26 (17 November) Phil Galfond $47,000 500
27 (18 November) Phil Galfond $143,000 350
28 (19 November) Chance Kornuth $48,000 500
29 (20 November) Chance Kornuth $3,000 550
30 (21 November) Chance Kornuth $9,500 600
TOTAL Chance Kornuth $92,000 16,000

After 30 sessions and 16K hands of the Galfond Challenge, Phil loses $92,000 to Chance Kornut.

Interestingly, the number 13 again turned out to be unlucky for Galfond. If the thirteenth session was the worst for him, then after the session on November 13, his opponent achieved the maximum lead for the entire match: $344,000.

It wasn’t the first time Phil had to demonstrate his ability to bounce back, and won three sessions in a row, setting a new profit record of $143,000 in one of them.

Session 27 highlights

What is Galfond worried about?

According to the player's social networks over the past month, it can be understood that he was more concerned about the launch of the new SnG Select format in the Run it Once Poker room. It is to this event that Phil dedicated most of his Twitter posts.

It was only during the period when Chance was winning over $200,000 that Galfond complained about whether he offered his opponent a side bet too big ($1M:$250K). However, he did not lose optimism:

Phil Galfond on his challenge

As you can see from the HU battle results described above, the poker player was able to do this and greatly reduced the gap with the opponent.

What does Kornuth write about?

On his Twitter, Chance pays much more attention to the challenge and not only promptly reports the results of each session, but also uploads funny photos:

Chance Kornuth Twitter

The Galfond Challenge is scheduled to resume on December 1, 2020.

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