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Galfond Challenge: Phil books another victory against Chance Kornuth

Author: Vargoso Published: 24.01.21

Phil Galfond booked another victory on his challenge, this time against Chance Kornuth, founder of Chip Leader Coaching. Both pros clashed for almost 5 months, but only in January 2021 the situation dramatically changed in Phil's favor.

Galfond Challenge: Phil books another victory against Chance Kornuth

Phil Galfond: PLO King

Phil Galfond announced the "Galfond Challenge" as a marketing strategy to promote his poker site — Run It Once Poker —, with the main goal to prove that online poker was still alive. One year later, the industry is in great shape, and, undoubtedly, the challenge had had its impact on the results.

Clash of the Coaches was perhaps the most exciting match for the fans, as it would match famous poker school owners' skills. The only one that agreed to compete against Galfond was Chance Kornuth, founder of Chip Leader Coaching (CLC).

"I would be surprised if he quit at this point," Galfond said in a post-game interview after the 45th session; but, Kornuth shocked his fans with an announcement yesterday:

Chance Kornuth concede the challenge to Phil Galfond

Chance Kornuth accepted his defeat yesterday and conceded the challenge to Galfond. Both players battled for almost 5 months, in which they played 25,400 hands, resulting in a $726,500 profit for Phil.

Session Winner Result
44 (January 7) Phil Galfond $80,000
45 (January 8) Phil Galfond $192,000
46 (January 12) Chance Kornuth $76,000
47 (January 13) Phil Galfond $46,000
48 (January 14) Phil Galfond $40,000
49 (January 22) Phil Galfond $126,000
50 (January 23) Phil Galfond $46,000

Galfond remains unbeatable on his challenge with this victory: he already won against VeniVidi1993 and ActionFreak, and his match against Bill Perkins seems to be stopped for good. Phil acknowledged that Chance tested his game in ways no other opponents had, exposed weaknesses, and as a result, he is a better player now.

Besides congratulating Galfond for scoring another victory, many players highlighted Kornuth's courage in accepting his defeat in public. Phil is building an impressive reputation among the poker community. His influence has grown that much that even he served as a judge in a discussion between Negreanu and Polk.

MJ Gonzales comments about Chance's decision

Daniel Negreanu is in the other corner

Another challenge has drawn the attention of the community during the past two months. Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu have played 18,878 hands, and the American is currently in the lead by $622,000, although he was winning over 1 million last week.

Phil Galfond has been in the same situation as Daniel, but he has taken a very different approach:

  • He requested a time out of the tables to revisit his strategy.
  • He focused on his game and learned how to play against his particular opponent, rather than following GTO theory.
  • Overall, he has remained calm with a professional attitude towards the game.

However, Daniel, a player with 28 years of experience, over 40 million dollars in profit, and six WSOP bracelets, constantly blames on bad luck his results and seems to be devoting more time to play chess than improving his game.

Phil Galfond is now waiting for the other two opponents to complete his challenge: Jungleman and Brandon Adams. Will he be able to score a perfect result?

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