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Galfond Challenge: Phil goes to a record lead over Kornuth

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.12.20

December 2020 was very successful for Phil Galfond in his match against Chance Kornuth. After 40 sessions and 21k hands, Phil is $279,000 ahead, and his opponent is cheering up

Galfond Challenge: Phil goes to a record lead over Kornuth

Did Phil Galfond turn the tide of the HU battle?

Although this year, two more sessions will be played within the Galfond Challenge, we can already sum up some of its results. Moreover, there is an excellent reason for this – 40 sessions and Phil's new record in terms of profit.

After 40 sessions of the Galfond Challenge, Chance Kornuth is already losing $279,000 to this opponent. 

Session Winner Result Hands
31 (December 2) Phil Galfond $28,000 500
32 (December 3 ) Phil Galfond $96,000 600
33 (December 4) Chance Kornuth $60,000 550
34 (December 5) Chance Kornuth $8,500 500
35 (December 8) Chance Kornuth $23,000 600
36 (December 9) Phil Galfond $88,000 500
37 (December 10) Chance Kornuth $5,500 500
38 (December 11) Phil Galfond $113,000 700
39 (December 15) Phil Galfond $123,000 500
40 (December 16) Phil Galfond $20,000 500
TOTAL Phil Galfond $279,000 $21,000

It can't be said that such a development of events was a complete surprise. As we wrote earlier, Galfond was able to almost recover 344 thousand dollars since mid-November. Therefore, it is likely that Phil could have started to break away in the wake of such success. 

On December 3rd, he showed a slight recovery for the first time in the last two months: he won four out of five sessions and achieved a total profit of $350,000 in them. 

Phil Galfond made his second major comeback in his challenge from November 13th to December 16th, 2020.

Moreover, in contrast to the highly publicized case with "VeniVidi1993", this one was almost unnoticed, but no less impressive: 

  1. "VeniVidi1993" – won €902,000 in almost 16 thousand hands. 
  2. Chance Kornuth — $629,000 in 8,550 hands.

True, Chance still has many opportunities to spoil Phil's "holiday" in the 14 thousand hands remaining until the end of the challenge.

Highlights of the 39 session – Galfond wins 6 buy-ins

Chance Kornuth is "doing great"

One of the reasons that Galfond's impressive success over the past month has not been compared to the victory over VeniVidi1993 was the players' social media. On Twitter, Phil paid a lot more attention to his room and showed a calm and working attitude towards the battle. 

His opponent, of course, devoted more attention to the match, but his messages were positive, despite the rather sad development of the match. 

Chance Kornuth motivation

*Live commentators on the Run it Once channel

It was written on December 11th, just before a series of successful sessions performed by Galfond. But even today, Chance found many reasons for joy. 

Chance Kornuth about bad sessions on the Galfond Challenge

Recall that Kornuth was already in a similar situation at the very beginning of the fight against Phil and did not lose heart even then.

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