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Galfond Challenge: Phil scores another victory against ActionFreak

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.05.20

The second match of the Galfond Challenge is history now. Phil won the battle against ActionFreak and is confirming one of the best PLO players in history.

Galfond Challenge: Phil scores another victory against ActionFreak

Phil Galfond beats ActionFreak

Phil Galfond and the unknown high stakes crusher ActionFreak agreed to play 15k hands in PLO€150/€300 with a €150k : €150k side bet.

The 15,000 hands were played across 20 sessions. Each player won the same number of sessions, but Galfond managed to stay positive after all the games.

Run It Once Poker hosted the first four sessions, but then Phil stated that ActionFreak was having trouble moving such amounts of money and that the match switch to partypoker, where the villain plays under the nickname "L.Kontonatsios."

The game resumed at partypoker on May 4, and although the tables were in USD, they decided to keep the math in EUR without using any exchange rate.

Galfond vs. ActionFreak

Galfond won a €310k session on April 30, and ActionFreak did the same on May 11, winning €254 from Phil. The last session was commented on live by Henry Kilbane and Jamie Kerstetter

The last minutes were exciting due to a deep run on ActionFreak that could challenge the results at any time. The final 30 hands were played at one table.

Date Hands Result Winner
April 27 145 €11.162,32 ActionFreak
April 28 1017 €3.632,38 Phil Galfond
April 30 844 €310.594,59 Phil Galfond
May 1 665 €113.377,48 Phil Galfond
May 4 680 €95.076,17 ActionFreak
May 5 734 €78.684,85 ActionFreak
May 7 746 €26.735,86 Phil Galfond
May 9 946 €164.454,85 Phil Galfond
May 11 720 €254.686,16 ActionFreak
May 12 776 €18.987,85 Phil Galfond
May 14 784 €22.864,85 ActionFreak
May 15 710 €57.108,03 ActionFreak
May 16 716 €48.161,76 Phil Galfond
May 19 740 €60.637,34 ActionFreak
May 21 832 €165.417,31 Phil Galfond
May 22 674 €179.545,58 Phil Galfond
May 23 730 €180.074,85 ActionFreak
May 24 842 €135.240,32 Phil Galfond
May 25 818 €168.060,62 ActionFreak
May 26 881 €123.000 ActionFreak

After the match ended, Galfond joined a phone call with the hosts to discuss the results of the overall match.

Phil confirmed that before starting the final day, he was sure about the end result because he had enough advantage to use different strategies.

Phil Galfond won the challenge against ActionFreak by €114,803, winning also the €150,000 side bet.

What did change was the popularity of the stream; the final match against VeniVidi had almost 10k viewers, but today's match had about 3k people watching it.

This could mean that while the poker community is still interested in the results of the challenge, attending endless sessions isn't a popular plan.

Phil has won three matches in a row, and we could say he is on a hot streak not only at the tables but also in the media, where his epic comeback against VeniVidi reached the ESPN headlines. So far, Phil had beat:

  1. VeniVidi1993;
  2. Mini-Challenge against Jungleman;
  3. ActionFreak.

Galfond is also winning the match against Bill Perkins, but they have no schedule, and there is no information on where the challenge will end; most likely, the 50k hands won't be played, and the stop loss of $400k will define the winner. Now there are only three opponents left:

  • Chance Kornuth;
  • Jungleman;
  • Brandom Adams.

There is no kick-off date for other matches, but considering that for the previous one, Galfond took a few days off, the next battle is likely to start next week.

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