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Galfond Challenge: two for one

Author: Vargoso Published: 29.04.20

After finishing the match between Phil and VeniVidi1993, which draw the attention of thousands of players for several months, playing against Perkins wasn't enough for Galfond. Probably because of this, since April 27, 2020, another parallel challenge began, this time against ActionFreak.

Galfond Challenge: two for one

Phil Galfond lost the first session against "ActionFreak"

Phil's third opponent in the Galfond Challenge is another anonymous online regular. ActionFreak, like VeniVidi1993, specializes in high-stakes Omaha games. He agreed to play against Galfond on the following conditions:

  • Stake: €150/€300;
  • Hands: 15,000;
  • Side bet: €150,000:€150,000 (1:1);
  • Poker room: Run It Once Poker.

Before starting the challenge, Phil Posted a graph of his opponent's results (high stakes games PokerStars until 2018):

ActionFreak Graphic

Galfond joked that he saw "a little dip or two in there!".

Phil is, of course, well aware of who his new opponent is and that, according to this chart, he won almost one million dollars in the highest PLO stakes. After the first session, a very short one of only 145 hands, "ActionFreak," won €11,162.

But, as we already saw with the latest challenge against VeniVidi1993, the results can be a roller coaster.

Highlights of the first session of Phil Galfond vs. ActionFreak:

Galfond wins $90,144 from Perkins

As for the game against the American businessman, it seems that they did not establish rules on the frequency of the games, so only two sessions have been played since April 15.

The latest one was played this week, and as a result, Bill Perkins lost $91,706 after 625 hands played at two simultaneous tables. Recall that this challenge has a stop-loss set at $400k and Perkins has already lost 25% of it.

Highlights from the second session of Phil Galfond vs. Bill Perkins:

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