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#GalfondChallenge: Will Phil trow in the towel?

Author: Vargoso Published: 13.02.20

Sixteen sessions and 9,927 hands. Oh, and €900,240.17. That's all it takes for a high roller to step back and tailor his strategy. Phil Galfond announced this week that he would take a break from the Galfond Challenge after suffering massive losses in the latest sessions against VeniVidi1983.

#GalfondChallenge: Will Phil trow in the towel?

The first break in the Galfond Challenge

Our last update about the Galfond Challenge was on February 4, and at that time, Phil accounted for €550,000 in losses in 10 sessions. In that article, we referred to how was Galfond handling such a massive downswing. 

Key facts:

  • On February 4, Phil shared that he had the first day of positive AIEV;
  • The next day, Galfond had the only positive result in the challenge, winning €87,940.91.

In short, the future seemed bright then, and even some predicted that Galfond would rise like a Phoenix. Phil himself shared his thoughts on the good sessions.

Galfond Challenge Session

Galfond Challenge Session

But the joy didn't last long, as VeniVidi literally crushed Phil in the next session, losing €267,949.70, the worst day of the challenge, followed by another two bad days that represented €140k.

Today, Galfond is down €900k and announced via his Twitter account that he was taking a break:

Unfortunately, my downswing in the first #GalfondChallenge has very much continued. I'm taking a step back to do some thinking

I was very proud of the way I'd handled a very unfortunate run.

In my last couple of sessions, I could tell that I'd abandoned my gameplan for plays that felt better (emotionally), and I couldn't seem to gather my thoughts coherently, or to make reads like I normally do. I was playing scared.

Phil confessed that he was suffering from depression, recognized that VeniVidi was a great player, and decided to take a break until March 1. Galfond must pay €3k for every non-played session, six days in February, according to him.

We will keep you posted when Phil shares his final decision: keep playing against VeniVidi, or throw in the towel and move on to another challenge (in theory against Bill Perkins).

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