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GG Network review

WorldPokerDeals talks about GG poker network. What is the network? Is it worth to play? Read our review!

GG Network review

Of course, if you high roller intended to make a few tens of thousands of dollars every month, you are unlikely to be welcome in GG. For those who have easier purposes it would be enough to comply with a few rules: not to bumhunt, not to work with a variety of scripts, and have a responsible approach to the rules of the network.

Anyway, if there is a worst-case scenario and you are banned, you should't have to panic - the network pays, the money wouldn't be stolen, although it is better not to experiment.

Perhaps you will find other stories on the Internet, but it is important to consider a few points. Despite the fact that the network can close an access for positive regs, it should be understood that, as a rule, ban is lapse of the player who ignored the rules of poker room (see above.). This is the first point. Secondly, the situation described by the player is not always an objective. And the third: now GG is focused on easy liberalization, thus, two reputable brands have appeared: the above-mentioned Lotos Poker and Natural8.
Natural8 is an Asian brand which is aimed primarily on players from China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and some European countries. By the way, the Ambassadors of the room are Dong Kim, Kitty Kuo and Liu Ksyuan. The latter one represented 888poker some time ago.

However, if attraction of Natural8 under the roof of GG was directed to the Asian audience in order to convince it of the seriousness and reliability of the brand, the involvement of Lotus was aimed at the Russian-speaking players.

Is it worth to play in GG?

Finally, we come close to the main issue. Let's look at the numbers: the network has a good traffic, which has 1200-1400 players at peak hour. Major play at low limits is not limited by them, it goes above, where 3-5 tables can be always found at limits NL100-NL400. At rush hour 1-2 tables are also played at NL600-1k.

VPN is not needed for the game, there is no HU in the room in principle. HM/PT are not supported, but layout is available for our players. Software is good, there are a few chips, plus a version for Android. Rake in the network is 5% for all limits.


WorldPokerDeals recommend you to try your hand at the network, but you must follow certain rules. Also, there are an offer  for our players in headliner of network, poker room Natural8, plus its own cashier and the best offer on rakeback, and that make your choice in favor of playing in GG virtually uncontested.

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