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GGNetwork achievements in 2021

Author: Vargoso Published: 30.12.21

Almost everyone knows that GGNetwork was able to catch up with PokerStars in terms of traffic in 2021. However, the outgoing year was marked by other achievements of the network and its players. Nine of them were made public in Twiter yesterday as "Milestones."

GGNetwork achievements in 2021

A few days before the new year, everyone is busy summing up the results and plans for the future. GGNetwork joined the hype and counted its achievements with nine milestones. They didn't forget the players as well.

What are these milestones?


The network has long surpassed all its competitors in this area: a representative percentage of more than one hundred thousand connections during peak time are tournament players. Hence, it's not surprising that MTT scored six out of nine milestones:

  1. The total prize money is 2.3 billion dollars; the tournament series accounted for $783 million.
  2. Arthur Martirosyan won the most: $8,400,000
  3. The largest one-time payment of $2,543,073 is on Aleksei Vandyshev for first place in the WSOP Main Event
  4. The biggest satellite win — Yi "Jolen" from China, cashed $268,019 for the 4th place in the WSOP #12, getting the $1,000 entry through a $100 qualifier.
  5. 33 WSOP Online bracelets and 41 WSOPC Online rings were awarded
  6. 277 players win over one million dollars in MTT

The network held 17 festivals in 2021! Besides those under the WSOP brand, there was high roller series, Omaha, 6+ Hold'em, regional (APL, BoM).

Arthur Martirosyan

Arthur Martirosyan is the best GGPoker tournament player of 2021

Curiously, in 2021 Martirosyan played over 1,800 MTTs with an average buy-in of almost $2,000 with profits of $422,006; hence, most of his winnings went to entries into expensive events. And this is although, for example, by April, according to SharkScope, the player was in the red by almost a million dollars.

The Russian fixed the situation after four drifts from August to mid-December. The biggest prize was $527,060 for 4th place in the Super MILLION$ Week Main Event.


The total payout for all promotions was $232,000,000. This amount was distributed as follows:

  • Monthly promotions — $110M
  • AoF Jackpot — $60M
  • Big Hand Jackpot — $35M
  • Bad Beat Jackpot — $15M
  • Flush Jackpot — $12M

However, in the second half of the year, the prize pool in the races steadily decreased, and the funds went to boost GGCare freerolls. Those guarantee about $100,000 daily, and such tournaments are more in line with the policy of encouraging casual players.

As for the Jackpots were heavily reformed in September; Bad Beat won instead of Big Hand and Flush. Considering the figures, the first one can be called more "economical" because, on average, $4.3M was spent on payment, while its predecessors "gave" players $5.5M for the same period.


In this area, the network highlighted two indicators:

  • 1.98 billion hands played or 5.42 million per day
  • The largest pot of $706,000 was played at the PLO tables with bets of $500/$1,000. This is, of course, less than last year's record of $974,632 but also a very significant amount.

We recently wrote about GGPoker results in cash games traffic (Hold'em and Omaha).

On our own behalf, we would like to add that cash games changed a lot in 2021:

  1. Fish Buffet update
  2. Launching Cash Game Dollars (C$); races are now paid in this currency
  3. The 10-hands rule was introduced
  4. 5-Card Omaha tables were launched

In 2022 all poker players rolling in this room are undoubtedly waiting for new records and updates. We will try to cover them as promptly and objectively as possible.

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