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GGPoker: Spins (Spin & Gold) will come in late February 2020

GGPoker is the only TOP network that doesn't have its Jackpot SnG format, commonly known as "Spin&Go." But this will change this month as in late February they will re-launch it with a new game: Spin & Gold.

GGPoker: Spins (Spin & Gold) will come in late February 2020

Fortune Spin — spins V1 on Good Game Network

The network had its spin format until 2018: Fortune Spin; we remember those games perhaps as the most peculiar version of jackpot sit&go.

It had, of course, multipliers, but only three. Two were the usual ones (X4 and X8), but the third was a "Fortune Cookie." The cookie fell out in 50% of the cases, and then the tournament was not played, and the players were only charged with the rake. And of course, they received a cookie.

Special random cards awaited player inside each cookie. In total, there were ten types of them, each representing a different country. After completing the entire collection of flags, players received a bonus of 10% of the stake in which they collected these cards.

There were only three stakes — $1, $4, $15, the rake was formally 5%. Still, due to the structure (multipliers and prizes), it was actually higher, because the player could get repeated cookies, which means that sometimes for getting a flag, the player paid more rake.

Honestly, it was hard for us to understand the mechanics of the game, and such intricate events didn't last long in the lobby.

Spin & Gold — new GGPoker spins

Since then, GG Network has come a long way to the TOP-3 and began to attract players from all over the world. Many formats have been added, but spins are still missing.

Now, thanks to the GGPoker Network Public Roadmap, we know that a new format called Spin & Gold will be launched at the end of February. The item has been under the "Development" board for a long time, but last week it was moved to "Next Maintenance" which is scheduled for February 28.

GGPoker Spin & Gold Wheel

GGPoker Spin & Gold Wheel

What do we know about the new GGPoker spins?

  1. Name: Spin & Gold;
  2. Launch date: February 29, 2020;
  3. Multipliers: 8 in total, x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x120, x240, x12,000
  4. The multiplier will be determined after spinning a wheel;
  5. Buy-ins: $1, $5, $20, $50;
  6. Promotions: extra cashback by completing special tasks to accumulate "Gold" for a certain time from 1 to 8 hours; Gold could be exchanged for real money.
Stake 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
$50 750 Gold 500 Gold 250 Gold
$20 300 Gold 200 Gold 100 Gold
$5 75 Gold 50 Gold 25 Gold
$1 15 Gold 10 Gold 5 Gold

There will be six bonuses in the Spin & Gold Challenge:

Challenge Gold Prize
1 700 $1,6
2 1,150 $3
3 3,000 $10
4 5,500 $21
5 11,500 $46
6 27,000 $120

No more information has been made public, but surely all grinders will be waiting for the launch of this new format on the network. Hopefully, it will fix the complex structure of Fortune Spins and will give Good Game the last push to stay indefinitely in the TOP3 of poker networks.

Our GGPoker players receive:

  • Private deal for pro players;
  • Exclusive promotions;
  • Professional support seven days a week.

Reach our manager to start playing on GGPoker:

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