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Golden Dragon Holdem — new poker format in J88Poker

Author: Vargoso Published: 25.10.18

The Asian poker room J88Poker launched a new Texas Hold'em version — Golden Dragon Holdem. Today we are commenting on its main features, the reasons for the launch and the benefits for the players and the room.

Golden Dragon Holdem — new poker format in J88Poker

J88Poker took the Golden Dragon Holdem idea from Taiwan's live casinos. The close connection of the room with the island is confirmed by the fact that is was decided to hold the first J88Poker live series in Taiwan (Fantastic Poker Tour) from December 12 to 16, 2018.

Everyone knows that Asian poker players love formats that give lots of action and allow you to go all-in in early streets. For example, 6+ Hold'em, popular by Macao poker rooms, is very trending among Chinese players. 

J88Poker will also launch Short Deck tables soon. But compared to Golden Dragon Holdem, the new format has an ever greater push-fold option in each hand.

Golden Dragon Holdem rules:

  • There are only 20 cards in the deck (T, J, Q, K, A);
  • Only 6-max tables are played;
  • 20bb buy-in;
  • The player has only two options: All-in or fold

The hand ranking is the same as in classic Texas Hold'em. Bottom line, Golden Dragon is hold'em with an ultra-short deck on an all-in or fold table. Tables from NL2 to NL400 are available in the room lobby.

Golden Dragon Holdem perspectives

Such a move by J88Poker can have two consequences. The room doesn't have a large number of connections (at the peak time it rarely exceeds 200 connections). Almost all the traffic is concentrated at 6-max tables. The introduction of new formats (Golden Dragon Holdem and 6+) can lead to a good influx of amateur poker players at their tables. The regular players will be forced to play the new formats available too; on the one hand, we can say that it is harder to beat as the variance is higher. The room confirmed in a press release that new products can also be of interest to current players:

"While we were working on 6+ Hold'em, we thought that it would be interesting the change of the popular All-in or fold (AoF) format. We decided to reduce the number of cards in the deck, making the game more exciting and easy to play. We don't expect Golden Dragon Holdem to help us attract more players. Our main goal is to offer a variety of games that satisfy our player's needs. When they get tired of regular Hold'em, they will have another interesting option to play. Providing new unusual poker formats is very trending in Asia."

We will know how Golden Dragon Holdem and 6+ work for J88Poker in the next months. On October 25, 2018, the room will turn exactly one year and it has demonstrated a traffic growth attracting new players from Asia and other regions with good promotions, and introducing iOS and Android clients. J88Poker sponsored players are visible in the major poker tournaments, even in Europe where Lin Chen finished 131 in the EPT Barcelona Main Event.

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