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Good Game GG Networks begins to block winning users at high stakes

The Asian Network Good Game (GG), with presence in our website with the rooms Natural8, Lotos Poker, Bestpoker among others, which originally presented itself as a place for poker fans and never took action against regular players, is changing his philosophy.

Good Game GG Networks begins to block winning users at high stakes

At the beginning, they they clearly stated that no support software (as Hold'em Manager of PokerTracker) would be allowed in the room and also bumhunt would not be allowed there, but all the winnings at the tables were possible to cashout. With the network expansion, some histories isolated cases of player's ban appeared on the internet.

But recently, the situation has changed a little. We have information that a big number of high stakes players of the GG Network has just received a letter in which they were directly accused of bumhunt from the point of view of the room.

These players were offered to withdraw all the money from the account and stop playing. If the player decides to keep playing, it will be banned. This situation concerns only those players above NL100. Our recommendation for the high stakes players currently playing in the GG Network is to look for a new room to avoid a ban.

WorldPokerDeals is ready to help everyone in finding good fields, particularly Asia. Actually, for high stakes players, several Chinese applications are now most suitable:

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Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 23.03.18
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